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LawGeex vs PandaDoc

Custom Approval Workflows
Content Editing
Contract Escalation/Forwarding
Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest
Dedicated Support Service
CRM Integration
Content & Image Libraries
Auto-fill Tokens
Payments Integration
In-document Analytics
Mobile Apps

More automation

While LawGeex is primarily focused on review and approval of incoming contracts, PandaDoc automates the entire lifecycle for both inbound and outbound documentation:

– Document creation

– Custom document review and approval workflows

– Signing orders for multiple recipients

– Audit trail of document revisions and activities

– Document expiration

Better compliance

LawGeex decreases lawyer review effort by using AI to detect any vital clauses that could be missing or require revision. Unlike LawGeex, PandaDoc takes a preventive stance by helping lawyers minimize legal risks and enforce policies through:

– Capturing legal clauses and precedents in a central content library for users to drag-and-drop into their documents

– Locking sensitive contractual legalese from editing

– Collaborating on creation and review of sophisticated legal documentation and having a decisive say in the approval workflow

Superior collaboration

Of all LawGeex competitors, PandaDoc provides some of the smartest tools and features your in-house lawyers can use for collaboration on contracts and documents, including:

– Multiple workspaces

– User and roles management

– In-document messaging

– Tracking performance metrics

– Document access codes, and more

Increase productivity

Switching from LawGeex to PandaDoc provides companies with an all-in-one solution for legal documentation along with impressive productivity gains:

– 80% decrease in time spent on creating, negotiating, executing, and renewing agreements

– 50% less paperwork

– 30% higher close rates

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Rich document editing tools

PandaDoc gives lawyers all the essential content editing toolset offered by LawGeex plus solutions to many more pain points LawGeex leaves unaddressed. No need for design skills, an artistic eye, or worries about formatting: put a range of content blocks, fields, tokens, backgrounds, and fonts to use — and create branded, personalized documents that are both informative and professionally looking.
Rich document editing tools

Smart templates for legal documents

Start a doc with our extensive library of customizable templates for legal documents, or upload/create your own standard agreement or NDA. For each template, you can set the approval workflow and assign managers, lawyers, and other employees responsible for completing specific fields. On top of that, templates allow you to define automatically completed fields, or just pull the customer data from your CRM or ERP software — an advantage LawGeex definitely can’t brag about.
Smart templates for legal documents

Legally-binding eSignatures

Compliant with both UETA and the Federal ESIGN Act, PandaDoc eSignatures provide the same legal standing as pen-and-paper signatures. With this all-in-one solution, you get configurable options of adding signatures to a contract, the ability to define a signing order for multiple recipients, and automatically generated certificates to validate signer authenticity and integrity of the signed contract.
Legally-binding eSignatures

Built-in payments

Once lawyers put the finishing touches on legal clauses and the document gets signed, payments typically follow. With LawGeex, you have to switch to another solution to handle the payment. PandaDoc enables you to accept payments right from the document after you sign. Our solution provides your customers and partners with several payment options including ACH — an efficient and cost-reducing alternative to credit cards.
Built-in payments

Best-in-class support

Software like LawGeex.com comes with dedicated support managers who guide users every step of the way during installation and onboarding. Together with assistance during application setup, the PandaDoc support team is here to help every time you need a task-specific permission outside the user’s role or a tweak to the existing functionality. Submit a help request and get a dedicated support team member to help you get the job done.
Best-in-class support

More rocking features on the way

PandaDoc software is continuously evolving to make all employees working with documentation, from sales representatives to contract review lawyers, work better. We roll out new features and product updates with unfailing regularity. Whether you are relying on LawGeex.com for AI review of contracts or not, PandaDoc will provide your lawyers with everything else to jazz up the contract creation and approval process.
More rocking features on the way

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