How to create a template and use it?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to creating a Template in your PandaDoc iOS App for IPad.

What is a template and why should I create one?: For frequently used documents, creating a template will save you significant amount of time. After each template is created, you just have enter the recipients email addresses and click send!

Please note:  You do have the options to upload a template on IPad, using the following programs. Mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Photos and Camera. For this help document, we will show on how to add a document using Dropbox.

Step 1:  Accessing your templates. Click on “Templates on the left. Here you will see a list of your templates.

ipad  - Templates

Step 2: Uploading a document to be used as a template On the upper right, click on “New Template”.

ipad  - Templates - New Template

Step 3: Choosing how to add the template  PandaDoc offers multiple ways to add a template. Including  Upload mail, Upload from Dropbox, Upload from Google Drive, Upload From Box, Photos and Camera

ipad - template - upload source

Step 4: Selecting a file from Dropbox.  Here we show clicking on the Dropbox icon. You will see a list of documents.  Please note: First time use, you will need to connect with Dropbox.

New Template - DropBox file

Step 5: Naming the template. Next, you can rename the template. Try to be as specific as possible.
Pro Tip – For ease of use, include “Ipad” in the name, so you know where you created it.

Templates - Upload - Name

Step 5Adding Fields.  Once you have opened your document in PandaDoc, you will need to add fields to your document.

Templates - Upload - Adding Fields

Step 6: Assigning a Role. Once you have added the fields, you will be asked to provide or setup “Roles”.  Roles are added to templates to help predefine the fields when you use a template for a document. So, if you setup a role called “Signer”, for each field; when you turn this template into a document, all that you have to do is assign a recipient to that role.

Templates - Upload - Fields Options Templates - Upload - Fields Options - Role


Enter in a Role Name and Click “Create”

Templates - Upload - Field Options - Role - Name

Or you can select from an existing Role:

Template - Create  A Document - Existing Roles

Now you are ready to go and you can use this Template for future documents you send through PandaDoc.

Step 7: Using a template to create a new document. To use this template, click on “Create document” found on the upper right of this template.

Templates - New Document

Step 8: Selecting a recipient for the Role.  You will see “Member” and “Assign a person” and the name of the Role to the right. Click on “Assign a person” and add your recipient. You can also add additional people under “Recipients”, however, these will not be tied to any Roles. Click “Next” when you are ready.

Template - Create  A Document - Assign Roles

Step 9: Provide a name of the document and now you are ready to Send.

Step 10: Another option to use Templates. You can also use your created templates, when you go to Documents > New Document > Template.

New Document - Upload - Template

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