How to Send a Document

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to use the iPad version of PandaDoc and how send a document.

Please note: PandaDoc now offers the options to upload a document on the IPad version, using the following programs. Mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Huddle, Photos and Camera. You can also select to create a document from Templates.  For this help document, we will show on how to add a document using Dropbox.

Step 1:  In PandaDoc, click on the “New Document” button on the upper right of your screen.


Step 2: Choosing a document to upload. For “Mail” there will be simple instructions in order to add a document. For “Dropbox”, “Google Drive”, “Box”, “OneDrive” and “Huddle”, you will be prompted to provide PandaDoc access to gain access to your files.New Document - Option uploading a new document

Step 3: Adding Fields.  Once you have opened your document in PandaDoc, you will need to add fields to your document.


Step 4: Assign a recipient to those fields.

New Document - Assigning recipents to Fields

Step 5: Ready to Send. Once you have added your fields and added recipients, you are ready to send the document. Click on the green icon on the upper right to send the document.


Step 6: Fill out your message to your recipient and click Send.

Send Document -message

Step 7: Document Notifications. Once your document has been viewed and or signed, you will receive an email about these events.

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