With a number of sales tools in place, it can be challenging to keep track of a deal’s progress, especially when it comes to documents.

Our HubSpot integration makes it easy to attach documents to deal workflows in one place helping sales teams become more efficient and close more deals.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved our integration with HubSpot. Check out this 1-minute video to see the new features in action.

Gain more control over document and deal workflows with new linking feature

In addition to document generation from deals, you can work directly in PandaDoc and link any documents to a related deal in HubSpot. Sales teams can still utilize separate tools while still keeping track of all ongoing documents. The new linking feature is available for any documents created in PandaDoc.

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Keep your documents and deals in sync with a one-click data update

Deals are dynamic and there are a lot of moving parts. Therefore, you need to make sure your proposals and contracts reflect the latest agreements which can be tough. Prior to the update, you had to create a new document version and edit your drafts manually when deal details changed. This process created multiple document versions making it troublesome to find the right version and stay organized.

Now you can refresh the data in the doc by pulling info from HubSpot deals in a single click. If you update the deal with a new customer address, or primary contact name these variables will automatically update in your document draft. We’re also working to make it possible to update deal products automatically too (it’s not live yet so stay tuned).

Know where you stand with deal tracking built into your documents

Sales intelligence for moving deals forward is an absolute must for your process so it shouldn’t be left out of the integration. It’s vital to know where your deal stands, so we added this functionality to the HubSpot integration. Now you can see both deal and document statuses in one place making it easier to drive your deals forward.

“HubSpot and PandaDoc have changed our sales process entirely. We are now smarter, faster, and proud of what we are able to send to our prospects.”

Ashley Buckner, VP of Sales and Operations at Carr Workplaces

All updates are live

To get started utilizing the new functionality, there’s no need to contact your account admins or make any changes to your integration settings. The new features are already live in your account and ready to go. Login to your PandaDoc account to try them out and share your feedback.