As of today, the PandaDoc and HubSpot CRM integration is available natively. PandaDoc is the first HubSpot partner to build a native integration on the new HubSpot CRM extension API.

The idea behind this enhanced integration is that PandaDoc will feel like it was built right into HubSpot CRM. Everyone will be able to access the PandaDoc HubSpot integration via any web browser, not just Chrome, to close deals faster with a seamless quote, proposal, and contract process. Try it now!

So what are some of the new features?

  • You no longer need the Chrome Extension to access the integration. PandaDoc will now be available as a module right in the HubSpot UI under any Company, Contact, or Deal.
  • Simply and easily download any of your documents as a PDF from the CRM.
  • Track a PandaDoc document status directly inside of the HubSpot CRM object.
  • Never make a mistake on a document again with tokens. Within the PandaDoc module, click show tokens, paste the token into your document, and let the data flow to your quote, proposal, or contract without ever leaving HubSpot CRM.

There’s no need to install additional software to use the new integration, and you can now use any modern browser you’d like.