We’re excited to announce a few new features this month. Plus, we’ll throw in a sneak peak at what’s coming up in the next few weeks. One seriously major feature is now in beta. Once it’s ready, you’ll be the first to know! “How soon will that be?” you ask? We have top men working on it right now. Who?

PandaDoc app for Android

Dear Android fans: Surely you didn’t think we’d forsake you? Following the release of our much-anticipated iPad app, the demand for an Android version was so high that we had to work double time to get it done. The PandaDoc App for Android, which will be available for Android tablets next month, will let you to sign docs on the fly and faster than ever.


We’re now accepting users into our early access API program. Now you can let your customers sign docs right within your own app with no time lag or extra development costs. At PandaDoc, we believe in making our product easily available, that’s why we’ve priced our API at such a low rate. You have no reason to say no!

Branding (Enterprise Plan)

pandadoc branding Are you using PandaDoc for your business or personal brand? Go to Settings > Branding to change your branding logo. And while you’re there, add some email footer text that will be included with the emails you send out through PandaDoc.

Template Embedding (Enterprise Plan)

self signing documents Do you ever ask customers or partners to sign standard agreements? Wouldn’t you prefer if you didn’t have to send them to each individual each time? Template embedding is what you need! Upload a new template within the templates section and click on the “Embed” option on the right sidebar to get your embed code.

Additional features

Revamped “New Document” screen new document screen

Wondering why your “New Document” and “New Template” screens look so good? We’ve updated both of them to better suit your needs.

Coupon codes

new document screen On occasion, you might receive a special promotion code from us. You can use these codes if they’re applicable to you by clicking on your document icon in the top right-hand corner and selecting “Redeem coupon code.” Pst! Any other features you want to see in PandaDoc?