More and more, sales is becoming a team-based activity. Marketing sets the bate, sales sweetens the pot, tech and your project team carry out your service. Any of these people might be creating and participating in the different parts of the business document lifecycle. That’s why you need an electronic signature and analytics app like PandaDoc to organize your document workspace in the cloud, where everyone can share templates, while sales managers can keep track of how each team member is doing.

Assign each team member different Permissions

You work as a team and you want to keep your PandaDoc ducks all in a neat row. If you haven’t noticed yet, we now offer you and your team Permissions, which decides who does what on your team:
  • Owner: Has full access to all features and settings in your PandaDoc workspace, including managing monthly or annual payments for whole team, can add new team members to PandaDoc, and can set up each team member’s individual permissions
  • Manager: Can add new team members and can Edit, Send and View all docs and templates. Cannot access payment info nor can they manage permissions.
  • Team Member: Can only access his or her own docs and templates. Also has read-only access to all templates.
To manage & add new team members Go to Settings (small in bottom left corner) > Teams. Here you can invite new members, see who forgot to accept membership and the Owner can manage. If you and your team have already joined PandaDoc, but want to add team members already, write to and we will manually do that for you.

Read your clients’ minds with insightful contract Analytics

Meka leka hi meka hiney ho. Meka leka hi meka hiney ho. Now you can be like Pee-wee’s pal Jamba the genie and read the minds of your clients. As always, you can know exactly when your client has opened your document or if he or she has signed or commented on it. Now, you are also able to know how long he was looking at each section. This is great because, with this intel, you know what your client is taking the time to consider which means you can anticipate and get down to objections. Also, as soon as you know when he’s finished fine-tooth-combing your contract, you can then time your follow-up call. Simply open your document and click on Analytics. Now, all this insight will open to the right of your screen.

Remind your clients to Sign on the Dotted Line!

OK, there are no dotted lines, but easy-to-use, impossible-to-mess-up electronic signature fields. But either way, people open your email or forget to completely, and you want to make sure to they remember. You can absolutely call them, but using our new Remind the Signer aspect. Simply go into your Document. Click on the Signer‘s name and and choose to Send reminder to them. This is only available:
  1. After you Send the document.
  2. For Signers.
  3. Until the document is Completed. Obviously, once the last person signs it, there’s no need to nudge them again!

Require initials

Nowadays, when you sign a contract — even an online one — you may need to initial each page. For other contracts and agreements, like family law documents such as prenups, there may be important sections that need initialing. You have always been able to add initialing capabilities anywhere within a PandaDoc. Now, you can check your Initials Widget as Required or not. Remember, we are all about making bulletproof AND idiot-proof contracts, where everyone can do no more or no less than they are supposed to, closing deals faster.