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Branding Proposal Template


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     Know the score
     Meet your brand ambassadors
The Strategy
     Why choose us
Time to Mobilize


You’re the expert in branding, but don’t let that go to your head. To attract clients, make sure they understand the value of your work. If this is unclear, they will not want to spend money to craft their new image or hone their existing brand. Make it relatable by identifying something you feel has a strong brand.

Know the score

branding-stand-outEvery company has an identity, an intangible quality that makes them who they are. In entertainment, a simple acronym like HBO can evoke a host of emotions and reactions, all based solely on what the audience expects from the brand behind the acronym.

In other industries, branding can be more elusive, established yet nuanced, but no less important to a company’s image. Often we assume we understand how the world perceives us because we believe in the image we set forth. But make no mistake, the world has more followers than leaders. Within this dichotomy is where you can control how your customers view your brand.

Meet your brand ambassadors

teamfotolia[Sender.Company] has been helping others better market themselves for [Time.Period]. Our expert staff employs a comprehensive approach to understanding your brand and how you want to be viewed by your customers.

Where you might see a positive, we might see a problem. Where you might ignore a solution, we might see a path toward success.

The following branding proposal will highlight our strategy and the value of trusting your image in the hands of [Sender.Company].

The Strategy

This is where the client will see the value of hiring your company, and the costs associated with such an undertaking. Remember that branding can be a complicated sell. Show your potential clients that you’ve done your homework on their industry and competitors. It’s also important to show how you’ve successfully helped other companies change their brand and increase revenue. Be humble, but don’t be shy.


The secret to a successful business is no secret at all: It’s about connections. To this end, [Client.Company] realizes its competitors are viewed by potential customers as leaders of the industry because they understand their desires and deliver satisfaction.

[Client.Company] has documented a loss of revenue and dwindling customer base due to an identity crisis, and it would greatly benefit from a fresh approach to its brand identity.


[Sender.Company] has identified the customer base of [Client.Company] and discovered that, while they recognize the company and services it offers, they do not feel a connection to the brand. We believe a certain amount of transparency will go a long way to creating a lasting bond and lifetime customers.

[Sender.Company] will need [Time.Period] to consult with [Client.Company] to understand the company culture and values. It’s important for us to understand the inner workings of your company to not only attract more customers, but also to retain them. We need to know if customers will be drawn to you based on age or spending habits, or whether you align with their social, religious, or economic ideals.

Your new brand identity could open new doors for clientele, or boost your image among your competitors. This research will be used to craft messages tailored to these core principles in the areas of PR, marketing, direct customer interaction, industry positioning, and in-house materials such as letterhead, logos, and slogans/taglines.


Now that you know the value of branding, here’s a breakdown of how the process will unfold:

  1. RESEARCH AND PLANNING: This is the brainstorming phase in which we meet to discuss your company and what it offers, how it’s presently viewed in the marketplace, and what needs to happen to see continued growth and success.
  2. DESIGN: This is where your brand begins to take shape through logo and language creation.
  3. CREATION AND EXECUTION: This stage involves building out your brand through all necessary mediums of communication, such as print and online advertising, marketing, and in-house materials like letterhead. Consistency is key.
  4. TESTING: We convene focus groups and conduct surveys to compare and contrast your brand with others in your industry, making adjustments where necessary.
  5. SUPPORT AND MONITORING: Your new brand identity is set, and you’ve launched. This last step ensures things are going as planned and you’re realizing growth.


Why choose us

The value of successful branding might seem elusive. It’s not as cut and dry as the cost of manufacturing versus the return on sales. That’s why [Sender.Company] believes the best way to prove our value is to show you how our past clients feel about our work.

Portrait of Hispanic Businessman“We’ve always been confident in our product, and we enjoy loyal customers, but our company was not growing and we didn’t know why. The good folks at [Sender.Company] helped us realize the impact of a strong brand identity, and it even helped us better understand our company’s market position like never before.”

— [Past.Client1][Industry1]

cleaning-customer1“A branding campaign was a tough sell initially. We believed our services spoke for themselves, yet we also knew something was missing. [Sender.Company] took us through the process flawlessly, and we couldn’t be happier with our new look and all our new customers.”

— [Past.Client2][Industry2]



The following is a breakdown of costs to [Client.Company] associated with this branding proposal:

Consultation, research$3000$3000
Name development$3000$3000
Logo creation$3000$3000
Marketing materials (print, online)$7000$7000
Advertising, online presence$7000$7000

Total: $23,000

Payment options:



This project is anticipated to take [Time.Period] to complete. Payments will be expected in three installments — before project begins, halfway through project, and at project completion.

Time to Mobilize

One of the best ways to ensure you’ll get this proposal signed is to be direct. You’ve done a great job of highlighting the value in branding, but you don’t want to leave room for the client to hesitate. Make a confident pitch at the end.

If [Client.Company] finds this proposal satisfactory, please accept it as is or discuss with [Sender.Company] any desired changes before signing. Once a contract is finalized and an initial payment is received, the project can begin immediately.

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