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Computer Courage, an award-winning Bay area IT support company, focuses on empowering their customers.

At A Glance

  • Computer Courage needed a way to manage their growing employees and customers.
  • By utilizing Google Apps, PandaDoc, and Insightly, they were able to drastically increase productivity, decrease time to getting a contract signed, and seamlessly nurture customer relationships.
  • Opportunity win rate increased 20% and led to better focus and quicker sales.

Computer Courage educates its customers and improves the efficiency of their long-term business processes. The company offers a unique solution that not only fixes the computer-related issue, but also helps the customer understand why the problem occurred and how it can be avoided in the future.

With around 14 employees based in the Berkeley headquarters and 300 local business clients, Computer Courage seeks to serve the entire Bay Area.

“All of our sales are tracked through Insightly. Because of the integration with Google Apps, we can also use the Gmail integration to quickly associate emails with opportunities.” – Adam Schwartz, Owner, Computer Courage


Computer Courage encountered scaling challenges around 2012. The team needed to consolidate the various tools that employees used on an everyday basis to optimize for faster onboarding, better central identity management, and easier organizational management.

The most viable solution for Computer Courage turned out to be Google Apps for Business because Google’s array of products work together seamlessly. Two of those products — PandaDoc and Insightly — have been central to the company’s day-to-day operations. Computer Courage uses PandaDoc to electronically sign, send, and manage documents. Their Google Apps- linked customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Insightly, generates new business and tracks existing customer information.



Before Computer Courage found a Google Apps-integrated solution with PandaDoc and Insightly, the sales team managed customers over the phone and email and sent time-consuming, custom-made PDF proposals.

After moving customer relationship management tasks to Insightly, Computer Courage increased opportunity win rate 20% by following up with customers, without email. This change increased sales and eliminated busywork.

Computer Courage added the PandaDoc Google app to their Insightly CRM. This further reduced busywork by jump-starting collaboration between customers and employees around sales documents. Employees now send smart documents straight from Insightly CRM, for customers to read, edit and sign.




Computer Courage managed their integration in 3 simple steps. First, they created an account at Google Apps for Business and installed the PandaDoc app from the Google Apps Marketplace. Next, they logged into their free PandaDoc account. Last, Computer Courage employees connected their Insightly account to PandaDoc with one click.

Through this integration, Computer Courage employees send documents to clients to be filled out and signed online from within Insightly. They no longer waste time, multi-tasking  with several tools. They’re also saving roughly 12 reams of paper per year – as customers no longer need to print proposals or contracts.

When customers like Computer Courage need to fill out, sign, and track documents online, launching the PandaDoc app and integrating it with Google Apps, Docs, and Drive has enables seamless document collaboration.

For small businesses, the PandaDoc app allows them to securely create, send, and sign “collaboration-required” documents such as MOUs, business proposals, NDA’s, and other documents that require client input and consent.



“Google Apps is the backbone of our cloud IT solutions. Every employee has a Google Apps account which acts as their primary Computer Courage web identity.”Adam Schwartz, Owner, Computer Courage

By implementing Google Apps for business with PandaDoc and Insightly, Computer Courage was able to centrally manage all of their employee internal work profiles and and install apps necessary to enhance the business. When the company moved from Box to Google Drive, it saw a net savings of $1,000 per year in storage costs.

Employees use Google Hangouts internally for communication, and it has saved the company an average of $500 a year. Coupled with using Google Hangouts for video conferencing, Computer Courage’s savings went up to over $5,000 per year.

Computer Courage saw an immediate gain in productivity with the implementation of a Google Apps-enabled CRM. Insightly provided the sales teams with rich, actionable information on each lead and allowed employees to continue building relationships, addressing issues, and closing  deals.

Plus, with the addition of PandaDoc in Google Apps, the Computer Courage sales team was able to close deals without face-to-face meetings with clients. This boosted their success rates and reduced the average time to sale, saving the sales team time and boosting the company’s bottom line.