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Jon Hearty
Jon Hearty
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Datanyze Reports 15% Increase In Average Contract Value Thanks to PandaDoc

Datanyze is a provider of sales intelligence and lead generation software. They help customers research, find and connect with the right customers at the right time — when they’re ready to buy. Founded in 2012, the company is based in San Mateo and has had notable investors like Google Ventures and Shark Tank Star Mark Cuban.

Zero time to waste.

If anyone knows that time is money, it’s salespeople. Datanyze can’t spend hours on creating proposals, quotes, and contracts. Their time is better spent nurturing their opportunities and closing deals.

“Before PandaDoc, we used boring, plain, unprofessional looking PDFs. The signing process was tedious, with most clients printing, signing, scanning and emailing back to us. There also wasn’t a way to track or monitor the status of a document once sent out, so we couldn’t determine if our client had even viewed the document.” -Jon Hearty, COO

Consistent documents lead to increased accuracy and insight.

Datanyze also needed a solution that would allow management to approve outgoing proposals and ensure that sales reps were giving accurate quotes. The lack of an appropriate quote approval process often lead to longer sales cycles.

“With PandaDoc, not only do we have a consistently simple signing process that makes it easy for our clients, we can see detailed analytics to help us understand which parts of our proposal are being viewed more in order to tailor our documents more appropriately,” said Hearty. “We have seen a 15% increase in average contract value with PandaDoc.”

Now that Datanyze can create custom proposals with images and videos, gain insights through analytics, and have a customer sign off on a document within a matter of minutes, PandaDoc has easily “saved at least an hour per week per employee,” says Hearty.