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iOFFICE More than Doubles Customers Year over Year with PandaDoc

iOffice is the leading workforce-centric IWMS software and the only 100% SaaS platform for C-level executive and facilities management leaders. With 10 customizable modules ranging from occupancy, moves and space use, to reservations, mail and asset management, iOFFICE is robust enough to support more than 2.1M users in 1,500 fast moving companies including Adobe, BMC, Big Fish Games, CB&I, Dynegy, Hess, SPX, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Under Armour, Zillow, and more.

The Problem
The sales team at iOFFICE frequently demos their software to interested prospects, after which they create an opportunity in Salesforce. From these opportunities, they need to send proposals, or “Scopes of Work.” They not only need to send these out like clockwork without any delays, but in order to create a competitive edge they need them to be personalized for each opportunity — including interactive elements such as videos, images, recordings of the demo calls, and other customized content created by their marketing team.

The Solution
The iOFFICE team needed a solution that would sync with SalesForce in order to expedite sending out their contracts by merging the opportunity information automatically into reusable templates. They also needed a way to include all of the custom content their marketing team creates into their proposals to create truly interactive proposals (instead of sending materials separately). They know that by creating truly personalized proposals, their potential customers are able to gain a better understanding of their software and how it would benefit their specific needs.

Why PandaDoc?
Previously, the iOFFICE sales team was using TinderBox (now Octiv), but found it sorely lacking. Not only did it create a bottleneck because one admin needed to create templates via backend coding, but it wasn’t easy to customize those templates and get them out quickly. Since they don’t work in an evergreen environment — their documents are constantly being updated — it was causing a lot of frustration and their sales reps were wasting too much time creating proposals.

After coming across the PandaDoc booth at HubSpot’s Inbound 2015 conference, they knew they found the solution they needed. PandaDoc’s SalesForce integration meant that they no longer had to manually enter all of that information into their proposals. More importantly, it empowered their team to create personalized documents for their potential clients on the fly through features like the Content Library. They are now able to easily store all of their custom content so that their team can quickly personalize their proposal templates in order to speak directly to a potential client.

The Results

“We knew that we could help more leaders in the workplace if we could just get proposals out quickly and effortlessly. Since implementing PandaDoc, we’re on pace to more than double the number of customers year over year,” said Elizabeth Dukes, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at iOFFICE.

The iOFFICE team also saw other immediate benefits — they were saving more time, increasing productivity, and reducing errors. By creating a library of reusable templates, their reps could quickly create a proposal and personalize it easily by adding items from the Content Library. This method was much quicker and also minimized errors because everything was already created and ready for use, along with contact information being automatically pulled and merged from their Salesforce.