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In today’s world, technology is power. Technology has increasingly become the fabric through which individuals conduct business, entertain themselves, stay safe, and even build relationships. [Sender.Company] desires to be at the forefront of this digital revolution, making meaningful contributions to the field as well as working to infuse technology into every day life to increase the productivity, profitability, and quality of life of our clients and customers.

That being said, our team is excited to expand our business with you in creating this application!

In-telligents application has already become a powerful base that, with our help, can be the launching pad to an integrated system that results in a platform that saves lives.
Building an application that allows the mobile technology that In-telligent already has and the In-telligent website to shake hands and stream a feed of emergency notifications will build on the base that In-telligent already has impressively built.

Again, our team is extremely excited to join you in this endeavor, and prepared to get to work promptly!

Our development philosophy is conceptualized in a multi-step process. Firstly, our team will reach out for validation, a step in which we confirm that what [Client.Company] needs and what we're building is congruent. The second phase is design, where we put our heads together and mock up a wire frame idea that will evolve during the development phase into your vision. Development is the step where we apply elbow-grease, and actually bring your vision to life. The next step is to maintain what we've built with constant testing and lastly to secure our work. This process is how we understand the full lifecycle of the project and generally how we will proceed with development. Let's Evolve Together!

[Client.Company] Project Overview

Aelieve One, LLC estimates the cost of an application with your specifications to be:


Estimated timeline: 15 days

Estimated hours: 50 hours

These hours are broken down accordingly:

  • 3 hours Planning & Preparation
  • 1 hour communication with In-telligent Team
  • 10 hours API Coding
  • 2 hours WP Page Designing
  • 30 hours of WP Coding
  • 4 hours of Testing & Quality Assurance

This is the expected timeline and cost for the [Client.Company] project based on our understanding of the project requirements to date, and considering the aforementioned overview of the project phases and the associated costs, where applicable, as well as the project management component.

If the foregoing proposal is acceptable to you, please so indicate by executing and returning to us a signed copy of the following formal agreement.

No contract shall exist between the parties until Client has completed, signed, and delivered the following agreement pursuant to this proposal along with the initial payment, and a start date for work has been agreed upon.

Please note that any changes to the agreed upon functional deliverables specifications can result in a revision to costs and timeline of the project and will constitute a signed change order.

Additionally, any work not implicitly included in the above proposal is explicitly excluded. Your approval is required for the application and design. In the rare event that you request a change to something that was previously approved, we will gladly accommodate the revisions. However, to meet such requests we bill clients hourly. At various stages during the execution of the project, acceptance e-mails will be presented to you for confirmation that the project is progressing acceptably.

The Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT, the terms of which are incorporated by reference, is entered into as [Document.CreatedDate] (the 'Effective Date') by and between (client) and Aelieve One, LLC. Both parties agree that the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement shall establish the terms by which Aelieve One, LLC shall furnish certain services to Client as set forth in the above proposal.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Iowa, without regard to choice of law provisions that would cause the application of the law of another jurisdiction

Client Participation

Client must assist Aelieve One, LLC during the production of this project so as to enable Aelieve One, LLC to achieve the objectives described herein. Assistance will include, but is not limited to: prompt access to duly authorized Client personnel, delivery of information, project feedback, and content and design approval. In the event that Client fails to participate during the production of this project and causes delays that are not mutually approved, reinstatement of work fees will apply. The fees vary according to the stage of the project plus time lapsed and range from $100 to $500 per incident. We are committed to you and ask that you be committed to your project. We also understand in advance that Client may need to pause while outside re-branding efforts are underway.

Confidentiality Agreement

Aelieve One, LLC will not disclose the working relationship of Aelieve One, LLC and Client to any individual or organization outside its development team. Aelieve One, LLC will not disclose information regarding Client to any other clients. Aelieve One, LLC will not disclose information regarding Client to any other clients. Aelieve One, LLC will disclose the information collected only to the development team members that need to know the information to perform their work to their best ability. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Aelieve One, LLC may advertise that Client's website was designed and implemented by Aelieve One, LLC. Once the website is launched Aelieve One, LLC reserves the right to reproduce or link to the live website but not mockups in any of our online portfolios. Aelieve One, LLC will not market or share any materials that pertain to Client without permission.

Additional Work

Any additional work required or requested, which falls outside of the services to be provided pursuant to this Agreement and as described in the Proposal, will be pre-approved by and charged to Client at the rate of One Hundred ($100) Dollars. At any stage of the design and development process, should Client request additional design or programming efforts of Aelieve One, LLC that exceed the amount of revisions, mockups presented, or functions contemplated in the Proposal, such request will be considered outside the scope of work. Any work performed outside of the scope shall be billed at $100 (One-Hundred) Dollars Per Hour.

Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, Aelieve One, LLC's total liability to Client for all losses, damages, costs, and expenses shall not exceed the aggregate amount paid to Aelieve One, LLC under this agreement.

Approval and Completion of Project

A final Acceptance Form will be presented via e-mail from Aelieve One, LLC to Client for agreement and execution to confirm that the development satisfies all deliverables of the project prior to launch. Nothing will be launched without lane approval. Once the Acceptance Form is executed and the final invoice is paid and the website is launched, Client will receive a project completion notification via e-mail.

Ownership of Use

Upon receipt of payment in full ownership, ownership of the application will transfer in full from Aelieve One, LLC to Client. Aelieve One, LLC represents and warrants to Client that once the application has been approved by Client, the aforementioned transfer of ownership will occur. Aelieve One, LLC has retained all waivers, authorizations, and other documentation that may be appropriate to evidence such ownership. Upon payment in full, Client will receive use and display rights of the application.


Termination upon Default. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon the other party's default of any obligation under this Agreement, provided that the terminating party will first deliver to the other party written notice specify the nature of any default. If within 30 days after the delivery of such notice, the default has not been cured, this Agreement will terminate. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Client's delay of the commencement of work or Client's default on any payment owed to Aelieve One, LLC under this agreement will be governed by the provisions of this Agreement that specifically address such matters and will not be governed by this paragraph. In the event Client terminates pursuant to this clause, Client shall pay Aelieve One, LLC on all hours used to date based upon the time period starting when the last payment was made. Upon receipt of this payment and not to exceed four (4) business days thereafter, Aelieve One, LLC will deliver the design work that has been completed up to the Termination date.


The final cost of the application is attached below. Any other additional fees that were approved by Client and incurred during the project shall be due prior to website launch. These payment dates still apply even if Client fails to provide feedback or deliverables.
In the event that Aelieve One, LLC is responsible for any delay in the project schedule, any applicable payments will be delayed accordingly. Payments will be considered late if they are not received within ten (10) days of due date outlined in the above schedule. All late payments are subject to a finance charge of One and One Half Percent (1.5%) per month (Eighteen Percent (18%) APR). In the event that payment is delayed, Aelieve One, LLC reserves the right to place the project delineated in the above proposal on hold until payment is received in full. If the client desires block pricing, charges will be made on a rolling basis as the project is completed.

Single Transaction ServicesPriceQTYSubtotal
Application Design & Planning Project planning is required$0.003$0.00
Intra-Team Communication Communicating between Teams$0.001$0.00
API Coding PHP Programming$0.0010$0.00
WP Page Designing WP Architecture$0.002$0.00
WP Coding WP Programming$0.0030$0.00
Quality Assurance Testing & Editing$0.004$0.00
Signature and Date
Date: June, 16th, 2020

This document has been prepared for [Client.Company] and delivered to [Client.FirstName] by Aelieve One, LLC on the express understanding Client will under no circumstances use information obtained through this solicitation for any purposes other than preparing a proposal, nor will it make this information available to any contractor, vendor, or third party not involved in the preparation of this proposal.





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