Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software

Close 28% more deals with PandaDoc’s intuitive CPQ solution.

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Bigger Deals

With a la carte pricing you can provide clients with the option to select their own quantities for given items. Giving clients control helps speed up negotiations. Everyone wins!

Faster Sales Cycles

Answering questions and addressing objections via email is simply too slow to be productive. PandaDoc’s real-time comment thread is instant, easy, and keeps all the right people in the loop.

Higher Close Rates

The whole print, sign, and re-scan process is a waste of time. PandaDoc’s legally binding electronic signatures boost your transaction speed up to 5x and help you close deals faster.

· Close 28% more deals

· Save over 35% of your sales team’s time

With PandaDoc’s complete configure price quote (CPQ) solution, your team can usher clients through a seamless sales process entirely electronically.

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