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Agency Revolution

Agency Revolution
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HubSpot CRM
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Agency Revolution is a marketing automation platform for insurance agencies and brokers based in Bend, Oregon. In business for over 20 years, the company helps insurance companies create meaningful relationships with their customers and the insurance marketplace. Over 3,000 insurance agents trust Agency Revolution with assisting in growing their business.

The Problem

Insurance agencies often rely on old-school methods to close deals, but Agency Revolution wanted to bring the industry into the present with modern technology. More importantly, they needed to improve productivity and increase sales within their organization. Hayes Nelson, the Director of Sales at Agency Revolution, searched for ways to improve his team’s process for creating proposals and executing contracts.

While searching for a solution to meet their document needs, Agency Revolution discovered PandaDoc through HubSpot CRM. Before their adoption of PandaDoc, the sales team would spend more than an hour creating proposals, sending an average of 3 to 4 proposals a week. Using a mix of old creation and delivery methods including MS Word, printing, scanning and faxing also created additional pain points in the process.


With PandaDoc, Agency Revolution was able to cut their document creation process from hours down to a matter of minutes. The agency is now able to create a template, make revisions, and send out a document all within one platform. The insurance industry has reacted positively to the new technology.


Nelson described a record-breaking moment when his team sent a renewal contract and within 30 seconds received notifications that the contract was opened and signed. This process used to take weeks to complete without PandaDoc.

The increased sales productivity allows Nelson and his team to focus on other initiatives to further increase growth.