Blueface reduced admin time for sales team by 30%

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Blueface is a provider of unified communications and hosted telephony services to SMEs & Enterprise organizations around the world. Their sales team works with business owners and IT managers to develop custom communications solutions that provide a reliable voice solution at a competitive cost.

reduced admin time for sales team
increased close rate
hours time-to-signature from 3-5 days
increased sales

The problem

Prior to deploying PandaDoc, the Blueface sales team created PDF proposals, which were sent via email. Prospects then had to print, sign, scan, and return proposals before a service contract could be drafted. This process took a significant amount of time, with most proposals taking 30 minutes to an hour to create and an additional 3-5 days for signature. This led to sales reps spending roughly half of their working hours on proposals.

The solution

After reviewing numerous platforms, Blueface chose to deploy PandaDoc as an enhancement to Zendesk Sell. Kamila Cholko, a Blueface Marketing Executive, had this to say about the company’s decision to purchase PandaDoc:

“I was thrilled to find out that PandaDoc offers a simple integration with our CRM – Zendesk Sell. We were looking to cut the time our sales team had to spend copying the contact information from Zendesk Sell to PandaDoc in order to send a proposal. Even though I am not a technical person, the guides PandaDoc provided, as well as fast and effective technical support made it easy for me to implement that integration. PandaDoc helped our sales team to automate tasks and save time yet again.” Kamila Cholko, a Blueface Marketing Executive

Their sales team uses PandaDoc inside Zendesk Sell to create custom proposals in less than 5 minutes. They are then able to use PandaDoc analytics and eSignatures to track proposals once they’re sent and allow prospects to sign them without the hassle of printing and scanning documents.

The results

The difference with PandaDoc has been dramatic. Today, the Blueface team spends less than a quarter of their time on proposals, which has allowed them to spend more time working with prospects to create and close new opportunities. Even while working with more prospects than before, PandaDoc has helped the Blueface sales team be more efficient. Their close rate has gone up by double digits, and they now close more than half of the opportunities they create. This has led to a substantial increase in sales. Brian Dervan, one of Blueface’s more tenured consultants, has used PandaDoc to increase his sales year-over-year by 21%.

On top of the increased close rate, Blueface’s team now closes deals faster, with most proposals taking just a few hours to sign, rather than days or weeks. These results have helped Blueface compete and grow in one of the most competitive B2B industries in the world.

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