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KickFire is the leader in cloud-based B2B sales automation and IP address intelligence. KickFire’s complete suite of solutions enables companies to tap into their website’s invisible pipeline and transform anonymous visitors into actionable sales opportunities.

The Problem

As Director of Operations, it’s Maggie Taylor Aherne’s job to make sure the entire KickFire organization is utilizing tools to make their jobs more efficient. She also looks for ways she can consolidate tools to avoid redundancy and superfluous costs.

While assessing their then-current software tech stack, she noticed that the company purchased two separate electronic signature software tools, EchoSign (now Adobe Sign) and DocuSign but wasn’t sure why. She soon discovered this was due to a divide in the company between those who had embraced EchoSign and those who were reluctant to shift away from the brand they were most familiar with, DocuSign.

Unfortunately, KickFire was locked into a 3-year agreement with DocuSign when Maggie first started to explore other options. But consolidating tools wasn’t the only problem that needed to be addressed.

Their proposal and quoting process were incredibly time-consuming and manual which impacted the efficiency of their sales reps. When a prospect was ready to buy, a rep had to open Word, save it as a PDF, upload it into DocuSign, copy/paste details… you get the drift. After all that effort, the final product was a generic, ugly-looking document. And, if any changes needed to be made after sending the proposal to the prospect, it was back to the drawing board for the rep.

The other downside to their previous proposals and contracts was that the KickFire team wasn’t proud of how they looked. The proposals and contracts were very unattractive and comprised of a bunch of lengthy legal jargon which could be intimidating to recipients.

Plus, when it came to training the reps on either one of the tools, the user experience was difficult and unintuitive.

The Solution

After meeting PandaDoc CEO, Mikita Mikado, at the XeroCon event in San Francisco, Maggie knew she had found the perfect solution.

As a technology company, Maggie knew that her reps wanted to put their best foot forward by looking professional and PandaDoc was the way to do it. Thanks to the custom content library and the help of their own marketing team, KickFire built templates, blocks, and other content ‘puzzle pieces’ to generate the perfect proposal – in about half the time of their previous process.

With their new visual-friendly proposals, prospects can easily share the proposal and get internal buy-in from other stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Their CFO loves PandaDoc too. In the past, it was nearly impossible for the CFO to make sure contracts were going out the door with the correct formatting and language. Sure, they had a shared drive filled with files, but it was inefficient to manage versions by continually archiving old iterations and uploading new PDFs. On top of that, there was no way to ensure that reps weren’t deviating from that pre-approved content.

Now with those ‘puzzle pieces’ and features like automated approvals, the KickFire sales process has been simplified so they can move to the next deal faster. In fact, they’ve decreased the proposal and contract stage of their sales cycle by 45%. Finance also loves that anytime the contract language needs to be updated, all they have to do is edit the existing content block and the new copy is ready to use on every template.

The Results

In addition to professional and consistent company branding, perhaps the biggest and best change that KickFire has made is that the sales team now has one tool that allows them to create, send, track, and electronically sign all of their proposals and contracts. With PandaDoc, it is estimated that the team saves at least 8 hours per week, thus giving them an extra business day to sell.

Speaking of tracking, KickFire has also been able to use their own B2B website tracking technology to combine their automated ABM alerts with the PandaDoc real-time notifications.

Prior to the close, KickFire sends proposals with clickable links to relevant solutions pages on their website. The KickFire technology alerts a rep when a lead is visiting the website, coincidentally PandaDoc sends a real-time notification when the proposal is opened or viewed.

This powerful combination of alerts enables reps to not only know when their proposal is being viewed but also if the prospect is visiting pages not originally mentioned in the proposal, indicating potential upsell opportunities. This full-detail clickpath helps reps add additional solutions to the sales conversation.

To aid in this process, KickFire reps love that they can leverage the in-doc commenting feature to propose including additional products. This eliminates lengthy email threads and saves a ton of time, ultimately allowing reps to close multi-solution deals without slowing down the sales cycle.

“We consider the commenting feature like a live chat. This feature humanizes the sales process since the Account Executive can make edits on the fly. The team is sending more proposals because we’ve removed multiple hurdles with the help of PandaDoc.” said Maggie.

KickFire also includes masked fields in their proposals so that customers can enter sensitive information with confidence, knowing that only admins have access to this info. This builds trust with its customers and contributes to better overall relationships. After the doc is completed, those admins and accounting reps receive the completed document notification, allowing them to provision new customer accounts almost immediately.

Sales managers love the PandaDoc dashboard which allows them to better predict pipeline. Every week, the sales team reviews the dashboard during their sales meeting to look at the number of opened, viewed, sent, and expired proposals.

Managers also love how easy it is to train reps on the tool. KickFire reps have access to a lot of tools so having a sales tool that offers a sleek UX makes it super easy to get new reps up and running quickly, breaking down the barriers of any technical inexperiences of the rep.

“If I told our reps we’re going back to DocuSign, they’d probably be extremely unhappy with me. Gone are the days of our clunky, inefficient proposal and contract process. We love that we can count on the entire PandaDoc team to help us look our absolute best while increasing our bottom line.” said Maggie.