Introducing PandaDoc Editor 2.0

Get ready for a whole new document editing experience. With our robust new document editor — we’re excited to see what you can create.

PandaDoc was founded with a simple mission: to help power small businesses with beautiful proposals and quotes. But as our customer base grew and matured, so did their needs. Pretty soon we were helping create all sorts of documents. More and more team members were added and PandaDoc was implemented across multiple departments and offices.

Cut to: our “aha moment.” We realized we could streamline more than just the sales proposal process. So we set out with our new mission, to learn as much as we could from our users. We interviewed hundreds of customers, gathered feedback, learned about their day-to-day, how their teams worked together, all the ways they send documents and collect signatures (and payments!) We used this intel to create a new PandaDoc, designed to provide both individuals and larger teams with a true end-to-end business solution. We also made it easier for all users to create custom professional-grade designs and to work within the editor itself because, after all, this is Editor 2.0 we’re talking about.

Better editing experience

Click less, smile more. We’ve simplified text formatting and improved UX. Click less, smile more.

Real-time collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work. Now, multiple team members can edit a document simultaneously. Avatars will appear in the document to show who is making changes.

Mix & match content

Blend to perfection. Combine content and page types to create the perfect document. Use existing files (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), build content from scratch in, and overlay blocks & fields — all in the same document!

Ultimate design flexibility

Theme party! Customize formatting with advanced themes. Set page backgrounds, headers & footers, stylize tables, and format text & headings (font type, size, alignment, spacing, even capitalization!)

Advanced page layout

Perfect your positioning. Use landscape, portrait or both!) Set blocks to overlap or auto-adjust as you add content. Move blocks side-by-side, above, below & quickly drag borders to adjust width.

Upgraded recipient experience

Easy on the eyes. Because good design shouldn’t stop with document layout. Now it’s simpler for readers to review & sign documents and their final, downloaded version is as impressive as the online version.