How can I setup document and template workflow?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to setup your documents and templates “workflow”.

What is workflow?: Workflow is only available for the Business and Enterprise plans. Workflow defines a life cycle of a document and allows to add additional steps like Approval. For example, if you are the owner or a manager of a team and you want to enable Approval for templates. Once the template is used for a document, they have to be approved before the document is sent to the recipient(s).

Email notifications: Emails will flow in order, per work-flow. So, if approval is used, an email will be sent to the approver about reviewing the document. Once done, then the creator will receive another email to update the document for another approval process or send the document out to the recipient.

Documents / Templates – Upload and Create: Workflow can be viewed for documents and templates using both methods, Upload and Create. However, “Approval” can only be setup for templates.

Please note: The approval process can be setup based upon your team members that are Owner, Admin, Manager. Please sure to check out Team setup, by going to Settings > Teams.

Step 1: New documents or from existing document. Create or edit an existing document. On the right, click on “More…”, then Workflow.  Here you will see the workflow of the document.

Step 2: When creating a new template that will be used for a document. Workflow approval can be setup for templates. Open or edit an existing template. Click on “More..” then workflow. You will see the work-flow for this template.  If you enable the approval option for this template, select who will be approving when this template is used for a document, it will automatically use the approval setup.

Choose one or multiple team members so they will have the access to “approve” the document.

Step 3: “Send for approval”. Using a template that has been enabled for workflow approval. The sender of the document will see a button called “Send for Approval”. Once clicked and the message sent, the owner or manager will receive an email to Approve or Reject the current document.

Step 4: Using approval process. The owner or manager will receive an email and a review of the document. If changes need to be made, click on “Reject”, or if the document is ready, click on “Approve”. For each button used, you then will receive a message option to send back to the creator of the document.

Step 5: Using Activity and audit trail. If you are using the workflow, you can also check out the Activity – Audit Trail of the document as well. This can help to understand the workflow process for your document.

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