How to cancel your account?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to cancel your PandaDoc account.

If for some reason, you would like to cancel your account, you can do this from the following steps. We recommend that you contact us first to try to resolve or fix any question or concern that you might have. If you need help with this, please use the Help button and send us an email.  Help button

Step 1:  Access Accounts.  In your PandaDoc Account, go to Settings > Accounts.

Step 2: Cancelling account. In accounts, scroll down and you will see a “Cancel option”. Depending on your billing plan, please review steps shown in your account.

Have questions? For faster support please:

  1. Log in to PandaDoc
  2. Then click on the help button
  3. Choose Contact Support option

Or feel free to contact us using our public form:

Contact Support