What is the Dashboard?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide information about the PandaDoc Dashboard.

What is the PandaDoc Dashboard?: The Dashboard is an overview of all your activity from all documents in one place. This is also the page where you start sending out new documents or access other tools. By using the status selection, you can see all of your documents. You can review all comments and activity found on the right side. It’s a one stop place to view everything inside of your PandaDoc account.

Please note: Team member permissions affect which documents you see. If you have “Owner”, “Admin” or”Manager” set, you will see all documents including your team members. If you have “Team Member” set, you will only see your own documents.

Step 1:  Accessing the Dashboard. When you login this will be the first screen that his shown. Or you can access by clicking on “Dashboard” on the left.

  1. Status Selection at the top —Here you will see “Sent”, “For Approval” (If workflow approval enabled), “Viewed”, “Completed”, “Draft”. You can click on each category and provide you a list of those documents.
  2. Period Selection Option – Under Draft you will see a time selection. Set this to see documents per that time period.
  3. Comments – Found on the right, you can click on Comments to see information that was added to the document. You can also click on the document name to take you to that document.
  4. Activity – Found on the right, this will display all information regarding about what happened to a document. Including, when a document was created, sent, viewed by your client, etc.. You can also click on the document name to take you to that document.

Have questions? For faster support please:

  1. Log in to PandaDoc
  2. Then click on the help button
  3. Choose Contact Support option

Or feel free to contact us using our public form:

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