What is the Dropdown field and how can I use it?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about the PandaDoc “Dropdown” field and how it can be used in Documents and Templates.

Please note:  Fields can be used for document and templates. In this help article we will be using them for a document. Fields can also be resized to provide a larger or smaller field.

What is a Dropdown field?:  Dropdown — With the Dropdown field, this can be added to your document to provide a list of selections.  Your recipient would then choose a selection that you have defined in the field settings for this field.

Step 1: Uploading a document and selecting a Dropdown field. Upload a document, select “Dropdown” on the right. Select and hold down your mouse on the Dropdown Field and place it on the document.

Step 2: Dropdown Field Options  Includes a “title” option and a “required” option.  You can also add your dropdown select items for this field. Add your recipient and click “Apply”.

Step 3: Removing field. If you ever need to remove this field, use the red “remove” link found in options.

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