How can I change the owner of my account?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information on how to change the “owner” of the account.

Please note:  When changing “owners”, the new person will be responsible for the account and including all billing for the account.

Step 1:  Gain access and navigate.   Go to Settings,  then click on  Account. At the bottom you will see details to change the ownership of the account. Click on “Change owner”.

Step 2: Selecting a new owner. Next, you will have the option to type in the name or email address to select the new owner. Please note:  New owners can only be selected if they are INCLUDED in your existing team.

Step 3: Email notification. Once you have made the switch, an email will be sent out to the new owner to confirm the change. Once done, the new owner will be applied.

Settings - Account - Change Ownership -- Email notifcation

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