How do I lock a block so it cannot be edited?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to “lock” a block from being edited.

Why use this feature?: If you would like to restrict your team members from being able to edit a block of content.

Which blocks can be locked?: All of the PandaDoc building content blocks can be blocked. They include: Heading, Text, Image, Video, Table, Pricing Table, TOC, Page Break, Cover Page, Page Header, Page Footer, Attachment.

Feature availability:  Enabled for Enterprise plan by default. This feature is available in our in Add-on Store. Please login and then go to the Add-on Store found on the bottom left side of your PandaDoc account to enable. Click here for more information.

Please note: Locking of blocks can be done inside of Content Library items and Templates. Only the “Owner”, “Admin”,  “Manager” of the account, have the ability to “unlock” a block”.

Shown below, we are inside of a template.

Step 1:  Locking the block. Once enabled, you can open a block of content, (example: text block), click on the “…” and you will see ” Restrict editing”

Step 2: Verifying a block is “locked”.  Here you will see an example of a “locked” block.

Step 3: Using blocks that have been “locked”. Once the block has been locked and then used for a document, template, etc… they will not have the ability to edit the content of the block.

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