What is the PandaDoc Referral Program and how can I use it?

Focus: The focus of the self help article is to provide details on how to use the PandaDoc Referral Program.

Why should I use the PandaDoc Referral Program?: If your clients or a friend signs up for a monthly plan, you will get 10% of the monthly revenue each month they are a PandaDoc customer. We will then pay out your rewards once your reward total reaches $25. If they subscribe to an annual plan, you will receive 10% of the annual payment.

Referral availability: Please note the referral option is only for “All account” accounts using the Professional, Business and Enterprise PandaDoc plans.

Step 1: Locate and find the PandaDoc Referral Program to signup. In PandaDoc, go to Settings > Refer and Earn. Click on Refer and Earn to start the process.

Settings - Referal and Earn

Enter your email address to get started and click “Sign Up”. We suggest you use the email address you use to login to your PandaDoc account.

settings - Referral - enter in email address

Spread the word details…. are presented to email your clients and friends immediately. Use individual email addresses and/or your Google or Yahoo contacts to send them a message to get them using PandaDoc. You can even share your personal link on your social channels via the social icons.

settings - Referral - Sign up - Spread the word

Step 2: Confirmation email and gain access to your referral account. Next, you will receive an email confirmation of signing up, details on how to gain access to your portal so you can enter how you’d like to be paid, and special links for you to share your personal PandaDoc reward link. Be sure to read all information.

settings - Referral - emal confirmation of signup

Step 3: Gain access to Referral Program, via Get Ambassador. As shown on the email above, click on the click to gain access and enter in your email address and temporary password (shown in above email).

settings - Referral - Ambassador login

Step 4: Using your Referral account. From here you can login and use this portal to check our your Referrals, Stats, Commissions, Payouts, etc. It is also important to set up your PayPal or Dwolla account so that you receive your commission payouts. You can view how to do this here. For a complete overview of all the features of your portal, check out this help article.

settings - Referral - Ambassador login - Dashboard

We thank you for checking out and signing up for the PandaDoc Referral Program!

Have questions? For faster support please:

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  3. Choose Contact Support option

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