How to self sign a document first before sending?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to how to “self-sign” a document before you send it to your clients.

Why self-sign a document:? If you have created your PandaDoc document and are ready to send it out and you either need to sign the document or initialize it.. Create a document that is ready to go and save time. This can be done for the “Signature” and “Initial” blocks.

Step 1:  Click on New Document, upload it or add from a template.

Step 2: Add yourself to the document, use “Add me as a recipient”.  Please note: If you are adding more than two recipients, you can setup the “Sign In” order. Click here for more info.

Step 3: Add the signature or initial field and then assign this block to yourself.

Step 4: Click on Each field, to either sign or initial.

Step 5: For signatures, choose the 4 options (Draw, Type, Upload, My Signature) and then completed the document.

Step 6: Now you have signed or initialized the document. If you are ready to send, Add a new field (example: Signature) and then assign it to a recipient.

Step 7: Ready to send? Click on the Send button and send it out!

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