Boost sales productivity by 35% with PandaDoc

Reclaim precious hours for every quote, proposal, and contract you send.

Content Library

Sales documents aren’t made from scratch. Chances are you already know which pieces of content work for your team.

The PandaDoc content library is set up to store such content blocks in one, central place. Reps simply drag and drop your pre-approved paragraphs, pricing tables, legal clauses, or multimedia content to create on-point documents each and every time.

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Interactive Content Blocks

Drag-and-drop blocks let reps add any kind of content to quotes, proposals, and contracts .

Add text and video clips. Include an image or 10! Insert dynamic pricing tables, forms, case studies, and make your sales collateral stand out from the crowd.

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Custom Templates

Templates are one of the biggest time savers PandaDoc has to offer. Create the perfect template and reps can use it over and over again.

PandaDoc templates encourage team-wide consistency and all but eliminate duplicate work.

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Form Fields & eSignatures

Add signature fields, locations for text, checks, dates, and initials for clients to fill out.

Your clients can add their own information with just a few clicks or make a legally binding signature in seconds. Additionally, these special fields record client information complete with timestamps, IP address information, and unique barcode signature certificates.

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CRM Data Merge

PandaDoc makes it easy to send custom documents pre-populated with your up-to-date client information.

Just add our auto-fill tokens to your template wherever client names or unique details appear. When you add a recipient from your CRM, spreadsheet, or contact list the most current information will auto-populate. No retyping, no misspelling, no worries.

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Consistent Branding

It’s surprisingly difficult to produce consistently great documents in word processing programs. PandaDoc’s themed branding makes this process easy.

Set up a few custom themes that mesh with your company branding guidelines and voila! Your entire team is ready to send uniquely stylized documents at a moment’s notice.

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