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The Art of Going Paperless and Maintaining Productivity


In the same way that you manage and coordinate teams, move all of your document signing online. This technique is essential for increased productivity and speed.

There are many tools available that offer online electronic signature solutions. My tool of choice is for the past year has been PandaDoc, well before I started working with them.

When you send out documents online for signature, you want to make sure that they are received, and then returned with a signature in a timely manner and not lost in your client’s inbox.

Even though this seems simple, according to a leading Silicon Valley based technology research firm, the average business inbox receives 105 emails per day. Despite spam filters, roughly 19% of those emails are spam. Your email can easily be mistaken for that 19%.

With PandaDoc’s analytics feature, when you send documents out for signature, you will see when your receiver views, signs, and completes the document. This ensures a fast turn around.

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