The Art of Going Paperless and Maintaining Productivity

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Being a freelancer is a great career path for most. You can work on your own time and have the freedom to control your day. But for many freelancers, work requires mobility; a precious commodity in today’s connected society.

Having freelanced for a few years after my career, I remember naively expecting to be able to work with a laptop and cellphone. To my shock, that quickly expanded into an arsenal of pens, paper, books, and organizational materials. Several projects later, I’ve turned going paperless into a science. Although I’ve stopped freelancing after the launch of my first company, I’ve come to realize that the routine I built carried weight across professions.

Becoming a paperless freelancer is a difficult task but, worth the effort. It gives you an advantage in your hyper-competitive career. You can supercharge your productivity and ensure you can work from any corner of the world.

I’ve done it and so can you. In this article you’ll learn about tools and techniques you can implement to go paperless.

The Problem With Paper

According to The Paperless Project, the amount of paper in a company grows by 22% per year. The average search time for a misplaced document is 18 minutes and the average cost of a lost document starts at an astonishing $350.00!

In order to stay mobile as freelancers, we must decrease our dependence on paper.

It seems harder than it is but if you make the effort to transition, you’ll reap the benefit of increased productivity. Your clients and wallet will love you for it!

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