Storage and Backup

The Art of Going Paperless and Maintaining Productivity

None of this effort would matter if you sought to store your documents on your laptop. Although hard drives come with 2 – 3 year warranties, and more enterprise level drives include up to 5 years, all it takes is one virus to ruin everything you’ve had.

You can add virus protection to your laptops, take precautions when opening emails and add several layers of security but at some point your hard drive will crash, and you won’t see it coming.

With the prevalence of cheap to free online storage, there is no reason to not back up your essential files online. Take a look at Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and iCloud. Pick one.

I personally recommend Google Drive. A free account gets you 15 gigabytes of space equal to roughly 60,000 documents.


Start with the immediate documents in your immediate workflow and move outward towards the documents you send out to clients and team members.

Paper affects productivity in more ways than one. Embrace technology and the internet to lessen your dependence on physical documents. As you slowly evolve your workflow as a freelancer, you’ll begin to notice drastic changes in your level of work output which will increase your bottom line and give you more time to build meaningful relationships with your clients.

Go paperless, stay mobile, and remain ahead of your competition.

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