Embracing The Internet

The Art of Going Paperless and Maintaining Productivity


Before you start recycling your paper, you need to transition your workspace from physical to digital. Think about how you keep in touch with potential clients and how you work with your team. Right now, there may be a lot of paper moving hands. Let’s minimize that.

1. Let’s Start With The Business Cards
Many freelancers dedicate too much time networking and attending trade events. Often, this backfires. You horde stacks of business cards but the names on them remain foreign so you’re hesitant to throw them away. Aim for quality over quantity.
When speaking with people, go beyond the initial exchange of business cards and email. In line with going paperless, utilize a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.

A CRM will help you manage your relationships with contacts, turning them into clients. Now we need to manage teams.

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