Tapping into human nature to sell: How to build a sales team that puts people first

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High emotional intelligence = more deals closed.

Sounds too simple, right? Well, studies say otherwise. 

Nowadays the most successful sales teams are hiring reps to ensure they are:

  • Strong storytellers
  • Empathetic listeners
  • Curious & Gritty

People used to think if you hired enough extroverted jocks and set them to a task, sales would naturally follow. But sophisticated sales leaders have gone beyond that. They’re building teams optimized for attributes to create a cohesive, functional, and resilient environment.

See how we breakdown the mental and emotional attributes of the top sellers. 

What you can hope to get a “feeling” for in this eBook:

  • The importance and tactics for great storytelling
  • Selling to their brain and their heart
  • How to interview for building an emotionally intelligent team

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