Proposal automation - Learn how to automate your proposals with PandaDoc

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Eliminate paperwork and start streamlining your proposal process

Documents are a crucial part of every business, especially proposals that are for closing business. But most organizations don’t know how to implement new technologies to automate their antiquated sales workflows.

Download our new eBook, “Proposal Automation – Learn How to Automate Your Proposals with PandaDoc” to learn how to clear the paperwork clutter, improve your document process, and grow your sales by 30% in half the time.

What’s included in the eBook:

  • Creating proposals
    The most complicated part of the proposal process is the creation. We’ll show you ways to standardize the process to save you a ton of time.
  • Sending proposals
    Sending proposals often requires approval processes. We’re giving you a new way to minimize delays and eliminate costly errors.
  • Closing proposals
    Ever send a proposal and never hear back from your prospect? We’ll help you follow-up with your prospect to get the deal closed in record time.

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