The critical role of sales operations — fueling the success of your sales team

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How to increase sales velocity with sales operations

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to boost your sales velocity (the speed at which leads are converting to customers) by leveraging sales operations, a group of tasks designed to support your sales teams, and which include data management, strategy development, and communication.

If you don’t already have established roles and processes for sales operations, you could be leaving a hefty chunk of revenue on the table. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to ensure your sales team is performing as best it can. You’ll see what’s involved in defining and implementing a range of sales operations tasks.

Why are sales operations important?

By making a space for sales operations in your organization, you will provide sales reps with precisely the tools they need to thrive. What’s more, a successful sales operations strategy can leverage new tools, intelligence, and insights to provide tailored support to individual reps, leveraging their strengths and limiting their weaknesses.

What you’ll learn in this eBook

In this eBook, you’ll learn exactly how to leverage sales operations in your own organization. In particular, we cover:

  • A clear definition of sales operations and why it matters to your business
  • How to set clear sales operations goals to boost revenue
  • How to leverage data to boost the effectiveness of sales
  • How to identify pain-points in your sales team
  • How to set clear benchmarks

You’ll come out with a clear roadmap for boosting sales through sales operations. And once you start to see the results, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

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