The Smarketing library: content assets every sales & marketing team need to collaborate on


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As the worlds of sales and marketing collide, it’s become increasingly critical that these teams align and make the effort to collaborate closely on strategy, campaigns, and content.

But where is all of that content going, and how can you ensure it’s used productively?

In our new ebook, “The Smarketing Library: Content Assets Every Sales & Marketing Team Need to Collaborate On”, we reveal how to create highly personalized sales content that each team must collaborate on so that it is used effectively throughout the entire sales cycle.

What’s Included In The eBook:

  • The 5 pieces of content your team needs now.
    We’re giving you the multipurpose content assets that can serve both sales and marketing teams’ needs.
  • Get your teams to collaborate.
    Traditionally these teams fight like cats and dogs. Our eBook details how to make collaboration go smoothly.
  • Why teams benefit from each piece of content.
    Each team is working hard to create these pieces of content so each piece of content must serve everyone well.