PandaDoc SalesforceIQ integration

Create, send, track, and eSign sales documents directly within SalesforceIQ

With the Chrome extension you can:

Create, send, track and eSign quotes, proposals, contracts and other collateral from within SalesforceIQ.

What’s included:

  • Create, deliver, track and eSign sales collateral
  • Auto-populate data within docs
  • Build interactive error-free quotes with autocalculations
  • View every doc related to an opportunity
  • Track opens and views of all of your docs

Get started:

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Read our FAQ to learn how to install the integration so you can spend more time selling and less time building sales quotes.

SalesforceIQ takes Relationship Intelligence one step further with the PandaDoc integration.

PandaDoc provides everything you need to build sales collateral right from SalesforceIQ — pre-populating opportunity data, including custom fields, seamlessly into your quote, proposal or contract. No more copying and pasting.

Send error-free documents, track them and allow your clients to sign their docs using our secure and legally binding eSignature technology.

  • PandaDoc SalesforceIQ integration

    Get the deal done with eSignatures

    Sign documents right inside SalesforceIQ with easy-to-use, legally binding electronic signatures.

  • PandaDoc SalesforceIQ integration

    Never copy and paste endless details again

    PandaDoc pulls data from your opportunities and automatically pre-fills your documents with client-specific details.

  • PandaDoc SalesforceIQ integration

    Build interactive error-free quotes

    PandaDoc auto-calculates taxes, discounts, margins, and totals. This allows for error-free quotes and proposals, easy price adjustments, and dynamic pricing tables.

  • PandaDoc SalesforceIQ integration

    Track opens and views

    PandaDoc logs the history and tracks the status of every sent document for any SalesforceIQ opportunity.

What people say about Pandadoc

PandaDoc has saved me a lot of headaches and time. My docs are all signed easily and on time — and they’re already digitized which I love!

PandaDoc SalesforceIQ integration

Sariah Masterson

Program Director, Coding Campus

With PandaDoc, we can see detailed analytics to help us understand which parts of our proposal are being viewed more.

PandaDoc SalesforceIQ integration

Jon Hearty

COO, Datanyze

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