PandaDoc for Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is an all-in-one CRM and automation platform for marketing, sales, and customer management. Integrate InfusionSoft with PandaDoc to completely automate your proposal and contract workflows.

Automate your sales workflows with PandaDoc for Infusionsoft

Keep track of your deal lifecycle

Proposals and contracts are an essential part of your deal lifecycle. With PandaDoc integrated with Infusionsoft, you can create sales documents without leaving your CRM. When a customer receives a proposal, signs a contract, or pays a quote, your deal records in Infusionsoft will be updated automatically. You can track the interest of leads, see which PandaDoc documents they’ve received, automate the sending of proposals and contracts, and improve future sales cycles, all without leaving Infusionsoft.

Automate key business processes

Infusionsoft centers around sales and marketing automation. The platform enables you to plan outreach steps for new leads, schedule emails, and run tests to achieve optimal results. When it’s time to send marketing or sales materials, use PandaDoc to create new documents, populate fields with CRM data, and keep the relevant team members in the loop. If a client is unresponsive to a proposal or contract, you can send automated reminders at predefined intervals. In-document commenting allows immediate communication between sales reps, managers, legal, and prospects or doc recipients.

Keep tabs on payments

As a business, handling payments is an essential and often time-consuming task. Both PandaDoc and Infusionsoft have an array of features that streamline the payment collection process. With PandaDoc Payments your customers can pay electronically right from the signed contracts, proposals, quotes, or invoices. You can use any of five payment gateways available with PandaDoc Payments (Square, Stripe, QuickBooks Payments, PayPal, and Authorize.Net) or take advantage of Infusionsoft’s competitively-priced in-house credit card solution. Furthermore, Infusionsoft provides the ability to instantly send confirmation and “thank you” emails to clients upon payment. If a client subscribes to a recurring payment scheme, send timely updates when it’s time to renew.

Integrate two powerful analytics platforms

It’s essential for both large and small businesses to make data-driven decisions. It doesn’t matter if you run a Shopify e-commerce store or sell bespoke advertising services. PandaDoc provides one of the most comprehensive document analytics platforms on the market. You can track opens, read-time, approvals, and more. Combine this functionality with Infusionsoft reporting tools – which include billing breakdowns, pipeline reports, and email marketing tracking – to gain access to a consolidated analytics dashboard that gives you a full overview of everything that’s going on in your business.

Collect and store eSignatures

Use the PandaDoc integration to quickly and securely collect electronic signatures from clients. Drag and drop electronic signature fields into documents in Infusionsoft and send them for client approval. This simple but powerful feature completely removes the need for paper signatures, or separate eSignature software, making it easier for multiple clients to sign off on proposals and contracts.