GoCardless payment gateway for PandaDoc


Collect payments with GoCardless for PandaDoc. Give recipients the ability to pay in seconds, without the need to leave your proposal, quote, or contract.

Get paid the instant your proposal or quote is accepted

After electronically signing on the dotted line, your new customer will be prompted to securely enter their details via the GoCardless payment gateway. GoCardless will give you full control over all aspects of the payment process, making it faster and easier for everybody involved.

Connect GoCardless to your PandaDoc account in a few clicks

PandaDoc streamlines integration features to make it easy to set up GoCardless. Once you create a GoCardless account, you can connect your account from your PandaDoc dashboard in just a few clicks. When you’re ready to include a payment option in your proposal, simply drag-and-drop the payment block from the editor to your doc and adjust the details accordingly.

Boost conversions and get paid in seconds

Traditional payments involve multiple interactions between the vendor and the customer. After a quote is accepted, the initial sender typically creates an invoice for approval and processing by the customer. The GoCardless for PandaDoc integration eliminates this cumbersome process. It only takes a recipient a few seconds to enter and submit their preferred payment method through the GoCardless gateway — resulting in increased conversions and faster payments for your business.

Process one-off payments and down payments

Take control over the payment types you offer your customers. Ask for a one-time payment or even a percentage of the total amount owed as a down payment. Customize each of these options in the PandaDoc editor with minimum headache. The GoCardless integration enables you to automate and manage all aspects of B2B payments.

Utilize a range of GoCardless features, including recurring direct debits

Along with an array of tools accessible through the PandaDoc dashboard, GoCardless offers a host of complementary features for managing customer payments. In particular, the option of recurring payments. Rather than rely on your customers to make manual payments, you can collect automatic payments via direct debit through GoCardless. This allows you to collect payments in a fraction of the time and it helps to avoid late payments. You can also send automated alerts so that your customers are notified of debits from their account in advance.

Stop worrying about hefty fees

GoCardless charges 1% per transaction and caps all fees at $2,5. There is no monthly fee, and you only pay for successful transactions. Payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. What’s more, payments can be made from almost anywhere in the world, with GoCardless covering more than 30 countries.

Industry-leading data encryption and payment security practices

PandaDoc and GoCardless maintain some of the highest-standard cloud storage and data encryption technologies. GoCardless has many high-profile clients, including some of the largest players in the financial and business industries, and is authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Track customer activity with payments analytics

Track customer payments from the PandaDoc analytics dashboard. You can see which proposals, quotes, and contracts have been paid and which are awaiting payment. Send automated reminders to potential customers accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

What is a GoCardless payment?

GoCardless works on the basis of “mandates”. By completing a mandate, a customer gives you the ability to debit money from their bank account without any additional approval. This makes it easy to manage direct debits and recurring payments.

How much does GoCardless cost?

GoCardless charges 1% of the total transaction, with a minimum of 25 pence and a maximum of $2,5.