PandaDoc for Recurly


Recurly is the top payment processor supporting credit/debit payments from most card types approved by merchant bank accounts and payment gateways. Add payment options to your quotes and proposals, allowing clients to make payments quickly and easily.

Add Recurly payment options to your PandaDoc quotes and proposals

Give clients the variety of payment methods

It doesn’t matter if your clients want to pay using a PayPal or Braintree account, a mobile wallet on their Android device or iPhone, or with their debit or credit card. The Recurly payment gateway provides an array of payment options, including the ability to set up recurring payments, so that your clients can check out with their payment option of choice. Once a client signs a document with an eSignature or approves a contract, they can click on the Recurly payment button from within your PandaDoc quote or proposal. The results for your business will be fewer disgruntled clients, faster payments, and more sales.

Industry-leading data protection and fraud prevention provides fully compliant, secure storage of client data, along with a host of fraud prevention and authentication features. We at PandaDoc are fully committed to upholding the highest security standards and only work with third-party tools that pass our stringent vetting processes. Your clients can rest assured that no financial (including credit card data, billing information, etc.) will be unnecessarily shared with anybody else when they make a payment. Recurly also supports over a dozen merchant gateways, so it’s easy to connect your merchant account.

Streamlined workflows for you and your clients

In the past, after a contract or quote was accepted, payment for services was usually time-consuming, with clients often becoming unresponsive in the process. PandaDoc transforms the traditional contract process by enabling prospective clients to view and approve documents in a completely paperless environment. Adding Recurly payment buttons to your documents further streamline workflows for both you and your clients by enabling payments to be made in seconds rather than hours.

Analytics and insights from both Recurly and PandaDoc

Both Recurly and PandaDoc provide detailed analytics tools for tracking activities. From the Recurly dashboard, you can track your subscription numbers, churn rate, total revenue and more. Because the PandaDoc for Recurly payment gateway integration will automatically track payments, you can also access a real-time overview of the activity of all your documents from PandaDoc. Because of the ease with which clients can pay, you will likely see a significant increase in the number of payments made on the same day a document is sent out.