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Connect PandaDoc to Google Drive and access all your documents. With this simple integration, you can streamline and automate a range of tasks, from template creation to signature requests.

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Automatically sync signed documents with your Drive account

Whenever a client signs a document, it will automatically be copied and stored in your Google Drive account. You can automate the whole process, removing the need to log into either your PandaDoc or Drive account to complete this task.

Easily save yourself the hassle of switching screens

Because the Google Drive integration allows you to complete tasks from either the PandaDoc or Drive dashboard, the need to switch screens is eliminated. You can create signature requests, for example, from within Google Drive, or attach Google Drive documents to an existing proposal from within PandaDoc.

Quickly store your business documents in Google Drive

The key feature of this integration is the ability to automate storage of documents created in PandaDoc, or edited using PandaDoc features like eSignatures, in Google Drive. You can create specific rules to ensure that all completed documents will be stored exactly where you want them.

Store PDFs in Google Drive from won PandaDoc documents

Create rules to send PDF copies of won proposals straight to Google Drive. Automating the storage of copies of successful proposals in your Google Drive account takes only a few clicks. Documents will be stored in both Google Drive and PandaDoc accounts.

Save copies of signed documents in your personal Google Drive account

Automatically send copies of signed documents (in your preferred format) to any location in the Google Drive cloud. With PandaDoc suite of Drive tools, you can also add signature fields to documents, create signature requests, and send documents to recipients, without ever leaving your Drive dashboard.

Full control of data with Google Drive and PandaDoc

The PandaDoc integration for Google Drive puts the power squarely in your hands. You control which documents (if any) are uploaded and you also have full control over the conditions for storage in Google Drive. Trigger storage of a document, for example,  when a quote or proposal is signed, sent or paid.

How to setup PandaDoc for Google Drive?

Step 1. Connect PandaDoc with Google Drive

Connect PandaDoc with Google Drive from the Zapier dashboard. Just follow the on-screen instructions, run a few tests, and you’re good to go.

Step 2. Create your Zaps

Create your own automation rules – also called “Zaps” – or use our ready-made ones. Building automations only takes a few minutes and there’s no limit to how many you can create.

*Note: The Zapier free version only allows users to create up to five 2-step zaps which include most major apps. However, this integration might be considered a premium integration for which you will need a paid Zapier plan.

Step 3. Test and customize

Once you’ve created your first Zaps, it’s time to test, tweak and customize going forward. All this can easily be done from within Zapier. Once you find the winning mix, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t implemented this simple integration before.

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