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Contract management: Critical to your success

Contract management: Critical to your success

Critical steps for sales contract management automation

Contract management is likely a vital part of your business. It’s essential for tracking deadlines, balancing client expectations, requesting payments and more.

But if you’re not already utilizing automation tools to streamline your contract management workflow, you could be shedding unnecessary resources. For most businesses, “legacy” workflows are time-consuming and money-sapping.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to dramatically improve your creation, tracking, negotiation and fulfillment processes, all for a fraction of your current expenditure.

Transitioning to an automated contract management system

At PandaDoc, we’ve helped thousands of businesses transition to an automated, paperless contract management system. In almost all cases, their key contract-associated metrics have increased, whether it’s close rate, renewals, or even the average price-per-contract.

What’s covered in the eBook?

In the eBook, we show you how automation tools can improve all major parts of the contract management process. We cover:

1. The content lifecycle

A broad overview of how all the different parts of the overall process fit together in the context of automation.

2. Contract creation

How collaboration features, templates, employee permissions, and automated approval notifications can speed up the content creation process.

3. Contract negotiation

How solutions enable individuals in a corporation (including legal counsel) to come together and verify the final draft of a proposal.

4. Contract execution

How contracts can be delivered, tracked, followed-up, and managed.

5. Contract renewal

How contracts ready for renewal can be monitored, negotiated, updated and sent.

You’ll come away with a comprehensive understanding of how automated solutions can help streamline all aspects of your current workflow. And you won’t have any problems convincing management that it needs to be done.