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Fill out the form to switch your account to our new and improved editor! Our support team will unlock Editor 2.0 for your account so that you can start taking advantage of a faster, smoother, and simply more enjoyable editing experience. All your templates and content used in the last year will be migrated to the new platform.

Leader Winter 2020, users loves us
Leader Winter 2020, users loves us

“Editor 2.0 fixed all the little quirks that the classic editor had and added more stuff that you didn’t even think you needed”

Mary Alison Capps

Mary Alison Capps Senior Project Strategist

“Editor 2.0 has so many more features included, the software has upped its game. Its easier to use, feels simpler and the main thing is that our teams can now go create consistent documents from a click of a button.”

Mini Biswas

Mini Biswas Presales Consultant

“It’s so much cleaner. The cleanliness is worth that transition because it just helps simplify your life and gives you some additional things that you couldn’t easily do before.”

Travis Evans

Travis Evans Strategy Manager