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Articles of Organization Template

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This free article of organization template sets out basic information about the new LLC like the LLC's name, address, structure, and registered agent. Generally speaking, it helps to compile the data needed in whichever specific state the LLC will be formed.

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  2. Articles of Organization Template

Articles of organization template

Articles of Organization for [Witness.Company]

I [Organizer.FirstName][Organizer.LastName], the undersigned, being a natural person of full age, sound mind, and body, hereby agree to form an LLC company under and pursuant to the provisions of the laws of [Witness.State] and further agree that the content discussed in the following articles of organization are correct.

Article I


The entity name of this company is [Organizer.Company], which will hereafter be described as ‘company.’

Article II

Principal Office & Mailing Address

The principal place of business is located at:

The mailing address of this company is located at: .

Article III


This company will exist from, for, indefinitely length of company.
Dissolution of this company will transpire (list of circumstances that may cause the company to dissolve, like member disagreements).

Assets owned by this company upon dissolution will (detail where your assets will go once the LLCs purpose is completed).

Article IV

Purpose of company

This company is being established for the purpose of (describe the purpose of your company, like car repair or non-profit). State statutes pertaining to this company's purpose include, but aren’t limited to: (describe state laws/statutes relating to your company).

Article V

Registered Agent

The name and address of this company's registered agent is:
[AgentFirstName][Agent.LastName], [Agent.StreetAddress][Agent.City][Agent.State][Agent.Country][Agent.PostalCode].

This company maintains in its records a signed statement of acceptance by [AgentFirstName][Agent.LastName].

Article VI

Board Meetings/Reports

The individuals who will meet for scheduled meetings will meet time frame: every week, month, year to discuss what will happen in these meetings, like elections.

Annual reports from this company will be distributed time frame: every week, month, year to the people receiving the statements, like members or management.

Article VII


No member of this company is personally responsible or liable for the obligations or debts incurred by [Organizer.Company].

Article VIII

Dispute Resolution

The Organizer agrees that all disputes will be resolved by provide the name of a third party organization who can offer legal advice and conduct a service of process if your company issued. Describe how the dispute will be handled for less serious matters like by vote.

I, [Witness.FirstName][Witness.LastName], acting as the undersigned for [Organizer.Company], implement the Articles of Organization on the effective date of: [Document.CreatedDate].









Articles of Organization Template

Utilizado 5,324 vezes

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