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California Independent Contractor Agreement

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Protect your business and secure your independent contractor relationships with our California Independent Contractor Agreement.

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California Independent Contractor Agreement Template

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Prepared by:


Prepared for:


This agreement is made by and between:

[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName], with legal address at [Client.Country][Client.State][Client.StreetAddress][Client.City][Client.PostalCode] and

[Contractor.FirstName][Contractor.LastName], with legal address at[Contractor.Country][Contractor.State][Contractor.StreetAddress][Contractor.City][Contractor.PostalCode].

Both of whom will be referred to in this contract as party or parties. This agreement is hereby entered into on [Document.CreatedDate].


The client hires the contractor to provide the following services (describe the service, e.g., design a landing page). The contractor is legally bonded only to perform those tasks, and if the client requires any other services, they will be included in a new agreement. The client does not have any right whatsoever to ask for any other labor that has not been previously established in this contract.


The agreement will come into effect on (date) and for a duration of (e.g., three months or until the project is complete). It will be finished or renewed at the end of the project. Both parties agree to fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract until the project is completed.


The client will pay all contract fees in full (e.g., the first of each month) within a frame of seven days of delay. The contractor has the right to terminate the agreement effective immediately if failure of payment occurs after the provided time frame. Each payment will be made through (e.g, direct deposit) as previously agreed upon between both parts.


Henceforth, both parties agree that this agreement does not constitute an employer-employee relationship in any manner and that the contractor is independent and has the authority to decide how the services are carried on and delivered. At the same time, the client has no responsibilities whatsoever as an employer.


The client will cover the following expenses during the length of this agreement: (Description of expenses, e.g., supplies). Accordingly, the contractor agrees to provide all necessary receipts of expenses and information the client needs to provide payment.


All the information, goods, or valuables provided by the contractor to the client under the terms of this contract will be rightfully owned by the client. Hereby, the contractor agrees not to claim any proprietary rights now or in the future about any of the services, goods, or valuables. This agreement stands even after the contract is finalized.


Both parties agree to protect all information exchanged between them, including all private information and any particular data the client provides the contractor about their business. (Use this space to detail specific terms and conditions according to your particular use of this template).


If any of the terms and conditions of this agreement is held to be invalid by a court of law, the agreement will continue to be enforced except for that specific invalidated point.


If either contractor or client fails to fulfill the terms of this agreement, the contract will be immediately terminated, and both sides will have the right to take legal action. This agreement has been made under local, state, and federal governing laws, such as (add law here).


This contract contains the entire agreement between both parties about all matters, superseding any previous verbal or written agreements between them. Anything stated outside of this agreement will not be considered valid.







California Independent Contractor Agreement

Utilizado 4,880 vezes

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