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Internship Contract Template

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The agreement developed based on this PandaDoc Internship Contract Template comes to be a lawfully binding consensus when electronically signed by all the parties.

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Internship Contract Template

The parties involved in the agreement

This internship agreement is among [Intern.FirstName][Intern.LastName], and [Supervisor.Company]. [Supervisor.Company] is pleased to offer you the position of (Department name) intern.

The intern will serve under the guidance of [Supervisor.FirstName][Supervisor.LastName], [Supervisor.Title], who will be assigned as the internship supervisor. The intern will be reporting directly to this supervisor during the internship period.

The purpose of the internship

The purpose of this unpaid educational internship program is to assist the intern with gaining professional skills and competencies and to provide the intern with the conditions for professional development through participation in ongoing activities related to the everyday work of (Department name) during the length of this internship.

The conditions of the internship

This internship is aimed solely at the intern’s professional development.

The internship starts on (Start date) and ends on (End date).

During this internship, the intern does not replace or displace any employee of [Supervisor.Company].

The intern will receive guidance from the immediate supervisor and will be assigned educational tasks aimed at the development of the intern’s skills and qualifications related to the regular work that is done at (Department name).

There is no immediate advantage for the company from the activities performed by the intern during the internship period.

[Supervisor.Company] is obliged to instruct the intern on the required safety regulations, company policies, work and communication routines as applied to the rest of the employees.

​The internship can be terminated by [Supervisor.Company] at any moment without notice or cause.

The intern shall not leave the internship prior to conferring with the internship supervisor.

Place of internship and work assignments

The internship will take place at [Supervisor.Company] premises located at the following address: [Supervisor.StreetAddress][Supervisor.City][Supervisor.State][Supervisor.PostalCode].

In exceptional cases (e.g. pandemic), remote or hybrid participation in this internship is possible.

[Supervisor.Company] is willing to provide conditions for interns with disabilities. In case on-site participation is not possible, remote or hybrid participation in the internship is allowed.

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The intern will receive daily work assignments from the supervisor. The assignments may include the following (Assignment list).

​Daily assignments will be communicated to the intern based on the weekly intern development plan created by the supervisor together with the intern.

Pay, compensation, and insurance

This internship is unpaid. The intern is not entitled to any material and/or monetary compensation or benefits either during or upon completion of the internship.

The intern is not entitled to insurance coverage and [Supervisor.Company] is not liable to any health conditions and injuries that may arise for the unpaid intern during the internship period.

If the internship assumes pay, benefits, and/or other forms of compensation, the following form should be filled in:

The following items will be refunded by [Supervisor.Company] to the intern during the internship period: (Item list) (e.g. transportation, phone, insurance, etc,).

The intern will receive payment in the amount of (Payment amount) a (month/per hour),

and the salary will be paid out (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly).

In cases of working overtime, the intern will receive compensation consistent with applicable laws and regulations. Intern must get supervisor’s approval prior to logging any overtime hours.

The company is obliged to provide the paid intern with medical insurance and cover expenses related to any premiums, including work-related accidents, that follow all applicable federal labor laws as well as those in the state of [Supervisor.State].

Working hours

Intern will work (Number of hours) hours per week, including a 30-minute daily lunch break.

The intern shall start the work at (time) AM and end the work at (time) PM Monday through Friday.

Employment upon internship completion

There is no guarantee or expectation that the experience and qualifications gained by the intern will secure subsequent employment with [Supervisor.Company]​ upon the completion of the internship.


The intern must follow the guidelines, instructions, and regulations communicated to the intern by the internship advisor, the assigned supervisor and/or company management.

Sharing any business and/or proprietary information, project details, and/or knowledge acquired during the internship period is not allowed without the prior consent of the supervisor and/or company management.

In case the intern has created any inventions and/or new methods as a result of the internship activities and/or as a result of direct cooperation with [Supervisor.Company], both [Supervisor.Company] and the intern are entitled equally to the ownership of these inventions and/or methods.

Any third parties involved in the activities directly related to the internship are also bound by the confidentiality agreement and cannot share or disclose any portion of the information acquired in the process of the internship without prior written approval from [Supervisor.Company]

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Ending internship

The duration of the internship is (Number of weeks/months), and the internship shall automatically end on (Insert date).

The internship can be continued beyond the stated end date if an additional agreement has been reached between the parties involved. In this case, the terms and conditions of the additional agreement apply.

If the contract has failed to be fulfilled by either party or in case the agreement for the terms and conditions of this internship cannot be reached, each party has the right to terminate and annul this internship contract. The resigning party must notify all other involved parties in writing about the contract termination decision. The resigning party must also notify the internship office in writing about the termination of the internship.

The responsibilities of the intern

As the intern at [Supervisor.Company](Department name) you will be responsible for following all the company policies, including those that manage intellectual property and prohibit sharing of confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets, and data that the intern will gather and/or have access to during the term of the internship. (Additional provisions are provided in the attached non-disclosure agreement).

Intern will maintain the internship schedule that was determined by the intern and their supervisor prior to the internship start date.

Transportation to and from the internship site and reporting to duty according to the internship schedule are the responsibilities of the intern.

Intern will inform the supervisor in case of any major changes to the regular internship schedule and/or to the tasks assigned to the intern during the duration of this agreement.

During the last week of the internship, the intern must prepare the final internship report and submit it to the supervisor for the intern's evaluation.

During the last week of the internship, the intern must communicate the results of the internship, including the competencies and experiences gained as a result of the internship, to the members of the department via an oral presentation or other means approved by the supervisor.

Acceptance statement and signatures

This internship offer is effective for (Number of business days) days from the date of this letter.

If you have any concerns regarding the terms and conditions of this internship contract and/or if you are willing to suggest amendments to the terms and conditions of this internship, you shall notify all the parties involved in this agreement before the internship offer acceptance deadline.

If you accept the terms and conditions of this internship offer, please sign this contract electronically using the form below.

I understand that this unpaid educational internship program is not employment, and that intern is not entitled to wages during the internship period. I understand that there is neither guarantee nor expectation of the intern’s subsequent employment at [Supervisor.Company] upon competition of the internship.













Internship Contract Template

Utilizado 5,740 vezes

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