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Letter of Instruction Template

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Letter of Instruction Template

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1. In regards to after death procedures

A. In regards to cremation (if applicable)

State if you want to be cremated or not.

B. In regards to funeral service/memorial/mass (if applicable)

Discuss the type of service you want for your burial.

C. In regards to a death certificate or obituary

Discuss what will be on your obituary, including yours, your fathers, mothers, and spouses full given name, date of birth, and whether they’re alive or dead.

2. In regards to handling my financial affairs

A. In regards to insurance

Discuss where your insurance policies are located and the phone number for each agent.

  • Name:

  • Insurer:

  • Insurance agent phone number:

  • Life insurance policy:

  • Auto insurance:

  • Property insurance:

B. In regards to securities

Discuss your securities, investment accounts, and bank accounts.

  • Name:

  • Firm:

  • Agent phone number:

  • Bank account:

  • Certificates:

  • Investment portfolio:

  • Mutual funds:

  • U.S. Savings bonds:

C. In regards to my pension, profit-sharing plans, 401(k), and IRAs

Discuss where your retirement plans are held and if you have financial beneficiaries.

  • Name:

  • Firm:

  • Agent phone number:

  • Beneficiaries:

  • Beneficiaries contact information:

  • Pension:

  • Profit-sharing plans: IRAs:

D. My safe deposit box is located at

(location), and the keys are located (location of financial institution or person) in the names of (names).

E. In regards to memorial gifts and charities

Discuss gifts you wish to give to others after your death.

F. In regards to debt and financial obligations

I owe $ (amount) in mortgage payments, $ (amount) in credit card or loan charges, and $ (amount) (for other financial obligations).

  • Contact information for debtors (if applicable):

  • Type of debt:

  • Location of debt:

  • Agent phone number:

  • Mortgage:

  • (Credit card)/loan:

  • Other:

3. In regards to handling state affairs

A. The original will is located at or kept by

Location of the original will copy.

B. My financial and (legal documents) are located or kept by

Location of important documents like your birth certificates, marriage certificates, tax returns, military service records, real estate titles, and social security card.

C. In regards to dividing my tangible assets or collectibles

You can either refer your family to a separate sheet, give this role to another family member, or state what you’ll give back that you borrowed to each family member.

D. In regards to pet care or distribution

Provide information on how to care for your pets, who will inherit your pets or if they will be put up for adoption.

E. In regards to my social media accounts, passwords, and financial accounts

Discuss who can access your social media, passwords, account numbers, financial information, and financial accounts and who will be responsible for this information

F. Contact information for those handling my state affairs for my family

Can include lawyers, bankers, accountants, brokers, financial advisors, or other professionals

  • Names:

  • Address:

  • Phone Number:

4. Contact information for family members discussed in this document and will

  • Names:

  • Address:

  • Phone Number:

5. Additional Information, notes or comments

(Add information or notes on any subject)



Letter of Instruction Template

Utilizado 5,206 vezes

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