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Network Installation Proposal

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Network Installation Proposal Template

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Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Project Outline
  • Pricing
  • Installation
  • Acceptance


[Sender.Company] is a full-service IT services provider specializing in network installation, support, and maintenance. Our headquarters are located in[Sender.City]. We support businesses in the following areas:

Our network engineers, designers, and installers are certified and licensed to install computer networks in small businesses, multi-family residences, and large institutions such as universities and hospitals.
In this proposal, you'll find a summary of your network needs based on previous conversations, our proposed network solution, and associated costs and installation schedules.
This proposal is valid until[Expiration.Date]. Should you need to extend your decision past that date, we'll be happy to revisit this document to ensure all pricing and installation schedules are accurate at the time of signing.



Project Outline

[Client.Company]wishes to move into their new facility located at[Client.Address]by[Client.OccupationDate]. This facility requires a new computer network installation prior to that date. [Client.Company]wishes to partner with a qualified vendor to design and install a new computer network at[Client.Address]. This network should be capable of not only supporting[Client.Company]'s current network needs, but should also be able to scale as[Client.Company]continues to grow.
To accomplish these goals,[Sender.Company]proposes the following:
Installation of[Product.Line]products. This complete line of computer network products includes several products which will meet[Client.Company]'s current needs while also allowing for future expansion as network needs evolve.
Specifically,[Sender.Company]recommends installation of the following products:

  • [Product.1]
  • [Product.2]
  • [Product.3]



12-month 24x7 email & phone support



Total network installation cost: $[Total.Cost]

Disclaimer: The prices in the tables on this page are intended as estimates only. They in no way constitute a guarantee of final project costs. Project costs are subject to change if specifications or product availability change prior to a binding contract being signed.


[Sender.Company]will install the above listed components at[Sender.Address]as listed below.

Hardware Positionining7 days
Cable Installation14 days
Device Installation2 days
Testing3 days

Disclaimer: The schedule above assumes that[Client.Company]is able to provide[Sender.Company]with full access to the facility located at[Client.Address]for the duration of the project, and that all existing hardware be made available at the completion of cable installation.[Sender.Company]is committed to carrying out installation of hardware and network testing as quickly as possible in order to minimize any inconvenience to[Client.Company]'s employees or clients.


Please sign and date this proposal to indicate your acceptance of the hardware, pricing, and installation indicated above. This is not a legally binding contract. Once this signed proposal is received,[Sender.Company]will draft a contract for signature by both parties.



Network Installation Proposal

Utilizado 6,190 vezes

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