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Training Course Proposal Template

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Training Course Proposal

Prepared by:[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName][Sender.Company]

Prepared for:[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]​ ​[Client.Company]

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Table of Contents

  1. Cover Letter

  2. Training Course Process

  3. Training Course Purpose

  4. Training Course Program Details

  5. Training Course Program Rates

  6. Program Approval

Cover Letter

Dear [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName],

We believe that every business is only as strong as its weakest link. Responsive, customized training can have a great impact on the employees of an organization and can not only boost morale but also help improve productivity and bring about a clear difference in your company.

There is an ever-increasing need to promote collaboration and smooth cooperation between employees, especially with the recent shift toward an online workforce due to the pandemic.

Thank you for considering partnering with [Sender.Company] to support your organization’s training needs. 

We have developed this training course proposal to detail the training services we’ve discussed in our previous conversations. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at [Sender.Email].




Training Course Process

This is our tried and tested training process method that helps us to best provide you with noticeable improvements in efficiency and communication among employees.

Analysis and Assessment

Our trainers will spend a day at your place of business and interview managers, survey employees, and hold discussions with you about key areas where you believe the workforce is lacking, or could show improvement in. This will help us gain a better understanding of your needs and goals that you wish to complete with this training. Most of all it will help us find out how to best train your employees to get effective results.

Training Development

Once we have analyzed your company and team, our trainers will then create a customized training plan for your business. Our training approach takes into account the differences in availability and learning styles of your employees, and picks activities that will help them learn at their own pace. We use a combination of surveys, activities, workshops, lectures (both online and offline), business simulations and role playing to help achieve the desired results.

Approval and Implementation

Once your training plan is developed, we allow you to test it for yourself before choosing whether to implement it with your staff. At this stage, you can provide us with your feedback and tell us if there’s anything extra you would like us to add on. After incorporating your feedback, we will create a schedule and start rolling out the training regimen to your employees.


We always believe in learning by doing. Once the training is underway, we also learn from you and your team by evaluating the effectiveness of the training course on your employees. We do this through a combination of tests and assessment that allows us to better tailor the training if need be. We not only evaluate your team but also encourage the evaluation of our team by your employees. We wish to know if we met your expectations, have helped solve your problems and what we can do better next time.

Training Course Purpose

[Client.Company] has indicated a need for training support for their staff in the following areas:

Training Discipline

Discipline is the bridge between your goals and your achievements. Here at [Sender.Company], we believe in teaching discipline to your employees first and foremost. It will help bring about positive routines in work and promote efficiency.

Leadership Training

Leadership is an action, not a position. Our leadership training helps mold your present employees into future leaders so they are better equipped to take up management positions down the line.

Feedback Training

Good feedback is the key to unlocking better improvement. Feedback improves confidence, motivation to learn and ultimately efficiency in working. Hence, we believe in teaching feedback training, as over 65% of employees want better feedback not only from supervisors, but also from peers.

A well-designed training program provided by [Sender.Company] will allow [Client.Company] to improve their staff members’ proficiencies in the above-mentioned areas without the overhead of hiring internal trainers.

​Our unique blend of industry knowledge and training experience makes us uniquely qualified to administer training courses on behalf of [Client.Company].

Training Course Program Details

Course Title: (Add a corresponding course title here)

Program Director: (Add the name of Program Director here)

(Director.Name) has had (number of years) years of experience in the field of corporate training. He has been involved in the training organized by big companies such as (ClientCompany2), (ClientCompany3), and (ClientCompany4). He is also accredited for training from (name of institute), and is best equipped to help you and your team.

Trainers: (List the names of the trainers involved)

We have handpicked this team for their experience in training and for their familiarity with your industry. Our trainers have (X)+ years of experience, and have helped companies like ClientCompany5), (ClientCompany6), and (ClientCompany7). We believe that magic happens when we work together and this team can help create that magic for your company. 

Training Course Description: (Describe the offered course here)

The course we have selected for you will take advantage of the resources available at hand without extra cost to you and your company. We will further tailor the course to best help your employees so both you and the company will be able to see a noticeable change after the training course has concluded.

Training Course Program Rates





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Program Approval

We are confident our training program will be beneficial to your company, and will help bring about an increase in productivity for the staff and the management. As outlined in the proposal, we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction for [Client.Company]. [Sender.Company] is committed to help you grow from this endeavor. 

If you wish to move forward with the training program as it is described in this training course proposal, simply sign below! We look forward to a positive response and to hopefully work with you going forward.







Training Course Proposal Template

Utilizado 9,084 vezes

Reviewed by Yauhen Zaremba

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