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Venture Capital Proposal Template

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Venture Capital Proposal Template

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What We Do

This title should be as concise as possible, but still descriptive enough to get across exactly what it is that your business does. It’s very important that any potential investor can quickly see whether your proposal could be of interest to them, otherwise, they may not bother to read any further.

Try to keep it to around 50 characters or fewer.

Short Description of Business

Investment Summary

[Sender.Company] is a cutting-edge business offering services to target market. We are writing to you to seek a $investment amount angel investment from your company. We will use these funds in order to expand our operations and specifically grow our areas of investment department(s).

Based on our comprehensive forecasting, we expect you to see an ROI of percentage ROI in just ROI period months, making this an excellent business opportunity to invest in a highly profitable field.

Investment Description

Our short description of business was started to address a demand for services offered in the marketplace. We began operating in date of founding, and have since steadily grown to where we are today indicator of growth.

We understand that we operate in what can be a competitive field, so aim to outcompete similar businesses by offering the following services: Unique Selling Point(s).

This makes us unique in the industry and gives us a strong competitive advantage.

Expected Returns

We expect that your investment of $ investment amount will result in an ROI percentage over ROI Period months. We aim to achieve this via investment of capital to the following areas of the business:

Area(s) of investment

To add to this, our business model can be scaled over. This will, in turn, produce a forecasted growth percentage growth in revenues.

Exit Strategy

This section is a chance to give the venture capital firm a way out somewhere down the line, which they will see as a way to mitigate risk. You can include things like plans to take the firm public in a given timeframe, and how the investor’s share is forecasted to be worth significantly more than it if they buy now. It’s something that can set your venture capital proposal template apart from others.


Here, you should provide the contact information of any accountants and finance professionals you have used as part of your business planning. This can greatly help to legitimize the growth forecasts you’ve quoted in your proposal and increase the chance of securing investment.


We genuinely believe that [Sender.Company] has huge potential in the industry. Our team has proven expertise, including relevant experience. To add to this, our unique approach makes [Sender.Company] a powerful force in the marketplace.

With our demonstrated success, as well as our predicted future growth, we are offering you a valuable investment opportunity.

If you’re interested in learning more about [Sender.Company], please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a full business plan available upon request that details our current standing, future plans and forecasting data to demonstrate the value we can bring to you.

Contact Details



This contract cannot undergo any alterations by either Party, except for when submitted in writing and agreed on by both the Parties.

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Venture Capital Proposal Template

Utilizado 5,491 vezes

Reviewed by Dmitry Ivanouski

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