Sales automation tool with flexible dashboard

Use PandaDoc’s sales automation tool with your CRM to put your sales funnel on autopilot. Free your team up from monotony so they can focus on closing deals.

Sales automation tool with flexible dashboard
increase in completed docs
per month
decrease in document
creation time
increase in close rate

Say goodbye to inefficiencies with sales automation

Eliminate the time-consuming factors that are slowing down your sales cycle. Unburden your sales team from mundane tasks and free up their schedule to capitalize on closing.

Enjoy more accurate forecasting

Analyze historical trends and track future opportunities using PandaDoc’s sales automation tool. With a precise and accurate sales forecasting, you can learn to predict which deals are going to close and how much revenue to expect.

Contract Analytics

Stay informed with real-time notifications

Strike while the iron is hot and gain the insight needed to accelerate your sales funnel. Real-time notifications are automatically triggered whenever your documents are opened, viewed, commented on, or completed by the recipient.


Automate your follow-ups

Missed follow-ups have the potential to negatively impact any business. Automate your follow-ups in with PandaDoc’s sales automation tool and never miss an opportunity again. Easily send automated emails with predefined automation rules and accelerate your sales cycle.

Renewals List

Create on-brand docs automatically

Eliminate decision-fatigue at every point of your deal’s lifecycle for your team members, for good. With the ability to create brand-approved templates and activate optional content locking, you stay in control of the look, feel, and actions within every doc sent out the door.

Document Content Locked

Frequently asked questions

What is a sales automation tool?

A sales automation tool enables sales teams to work more efficiently by automating traditionally tedious tasks that help deals move through the sales funnel faster.

Why should I use a sales automation tool?

To decrease the creation time of professional-looking, media-rich proposals proven to close more deals and shorten your sales cycle, while providing a world-class eSignature and checkout experience for customers.

What are the deal stages PandaDoc automation can cover?

PandaDoc covers the entire sales cycle, from propose to close. Pre-made templates allow users to automatically create stunning documents quickly, analytical insights guide teams through the negotiation process, and e-Signature and online payment functionality create seamless, automated collections and signature process.

How easily PandaDoc can be integrated with other tools?

Some integrations, such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, and ZohoCRM, are very easy to install. Depending on the CRM you use, go to their marketplace (alternatively, you can access it from PandaDoc), find PandaDoc, and click Install. More robust offerings require a few more steps in order to add the PandaDoc module into your CRM. At the same time, they offer more customization options, e.g. how much space the module takes on your CRM pages.