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Why PandaDoc

There are a lot of platforms out there that claim to save time or increase close rates by streamlining or improving sales document workflows. We’ve spent endless hours working with sales organizations to understand their goals and the obstacles that stand in their way, and that’s allowed us to build a sales enablement platform that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Many sales enablement platforms look affordable on the surface, but quickly become major investments as fees for individual features, training, support, and other services become necessary in order to get a working product deployed. With PandaDoc, what you see is what you get. We don’t believe in padding our pockets with extra fees and unnecessary services.

PandaDoc is designed to be simple to set up. Most clients are ready to start using PandaDoc within hours, and even larger organizations can be fully trained and ready to go in as little as a week.

Content libraries, powerful integrations, electronic signature, analytics, secure storage… and so much more. We’ve built a platform that supports your sales team’s document needs at every stage of the sales cycle.

We have seen a 15% increase in average contract value with PandaDoc.

Now that Datanyze can create custom proposals with images and videos, gain insights through analytics, and have a customer sign off on a document within a matter of minutes, PandaDoc has easily saved at least an hour per week per employee.

  • 15% increase in average contract value
  • 1 hour saved per week per employee
  • 10% increase in close rate

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1–4 team members
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Billed annually (you save 35%)
or $29 month-to-month


5–10 team members
a month
per user
Billed annually (you save 20%)
or $49 month-to-month


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